Forcefield Graph Arm Protectors

SKU: FF-30370
The Forcefield Graph Arm Protectors have removable armor encased in a super-lightweight, breathable, abrasion resistant shell. This means, in case you hit the ground while twirling through obstacles, you will have extra protection for your arms without feeling laden down by a bulky pair of arm protectors. The Graph Arm Protectors have porous fabric that allows airflow so you stay cool and dry. While exceptionally breathable, the arm protectors maintain their compression so they feel almost like a second skin. The armor itself is only 9 mm thick making it barely noticeable as you are jumping over obstacles and working to stay upright through mucky corners. The armor is within a pocket inside the sleeves designed to hold the armor in the optimal protection position. The armor is designed with a Repeat Performance Technology, so arm protectors keep you protected even after multiple impacts. The arm protectors have been made with Dyneema®, material resistant to abrasion. The armor and the material retain their purpose as you keep your commitment to taking on the challenges of off-road trails.
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* Low profile, not bulky * CE approved protectors with removable armor * Dyneema®, a highly abrasion resistant material * Lightweight design * Highly flexible. RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) * Pre-formed for comfort * Machine washable, abrasion resistant (with the armor removed) * Compression fit throughout