Forcefield Body Armor Pro Shirt X-V-S

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SKU: FF-3026
Jumping, twisting, ripping and hipping through highly technical mountain bike trails is fun and thrilling. SIDI offers the Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V-S with armor for the mountain biker who loves the thrill of the trails but wants to protect his bones and skin. The areas of the body that get the most impact, chest, back and shoulders, have armor built into the shirt’s breathable shell. This armor protects the mountain biker from impacts and it maintains its protective features even after multiple impacts. The ergonomic design and heat activated body molding ensure the perfect fit for a mountain biker who has to mount, dismount, and twist his body in every direction to make sure the bike stays on course. The BeCool technical base layer and Evo Vent Zones ensure the biker stays cool and dry in very hot, humid weather. Machine washable, anti-bacterial and fast drying, this highly protective top is easy to keep and maintain. By using the anti-bacterial BeCool fabric with Evo Vent Zones and removable armor, the Forcefield Pro-Shirt Armor protects the mountain biker who is committed to challenging trails when both his motivation and the outside temperature are on the rise.

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* CE LEVEL 2 (Back & Chest) * Heat activated body molding * Evo Vent Zones * BeCoolâ„¢ Technical base layer fabric shell * Side entry zip - Increased chest protection * Ergonomic design * Airflow control and humidity discharge * Modular removable elbow, shoulder and chest armor * Anti-bacterial * RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) * Machine washable (with the armor removed) * Fast drying