ASSOS SS.works_teamJersey_evo7

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The longer sleeves and slightly higher collar give the ASSOS SS.Works_TeamJersey_Evo7 a high class look, and the ASSOS cycling jersey offers committed cyclists a little extra protection. The smooth polyester material has a way of almost magically pulling out body moisture so the cyclist wearing this Team Jersey stays light and dry in hot weather. This ASSOS men’s cycling jersey mimics the body’s movement and shape as a rider is leaned over the bike pedaling. When a male cyclist is leaned low in the time trial position, the jersey’s elasticity adjusts to his body position. As the same man is sprinting out of the saddle, the jersey once against readjusts to the rider’s position so there are no creases or pinching on skin. Comfort and aerodynamics are in the same sentence when describing the SS.Works_Team Jersey. ASSOS’ diligence in perfecting fit shows itself in the design of this jersey that was inspired by Formula 1 racing. The racer will always feel his TeamJersey stays with his constantly changing positions which is required so he can stay at the front in the peloton. The final touches added are the three rear pockets that line the rear of jersey and a full-length zipper that offers an easy way to let in cool air on hard rides.

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