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The ASSOS FFL Emergency Wind Vest is the perfect outer shell to keep wind away on a mountain descent in the summer. The Emergency Vest can also be worn in the winter for its reflective security and added insulation. ASSOS designed their Emergency Vest in pursuit of finding the most protection in the least volume. The feather lightweight vest sits unnoticed over your body as you descend at maximum speed down a mountain road. The vest has been designed to fit the shape of your body in the leaned over position. This design, mixed with 13% Elastane fabric, makes the wind vest a close-fitting, chest protecting top that doesn’t balloon up when you are maxing out on the descent. The Emergency Vest is another outstanding product produced by ASSOS, a company that excels at making the highest quality cycling clothing for the racer. The vest is so super compact, when folded, it fills just half of a water bottle.
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• COMPOSITION:72% Polyamide, 13% Elastane, 15% Polyurethane