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The ASSOS T.Works_Teamshorts_S7 are the most comfortable bib shorts you will ever wear. Comfort is defined by an excellent race fit with shaped panels and a fabric that compresses without restricting movement. The leg length is just long enough to provide coverage of your upper leg but short enough to not impede movement. The elastic line openings are filled with silicone dots to keep the shorts comfortably in place as you pedal in and out of the saddle. The waistline is low and the wide elasticized bib straps have been combined in the design to ensure a rider is comfortable when leaned over the bike. Soft mesh fabric is woven into the back of the bib straps so they stay dry and light against your skin, one more addition to comfort. When you need to store your sunglasses, ASSOS has placed a glasses hook on the bib strap. The S7 chamois pad is the last item to mention but it is one of the most comfortable seat padding designs for the long-distance rider. The purple dimpled surface that lies next to skin is soft and very breathable which allows air flow to keep you cool and dry. The multi-level padding underneath this surface has a 4-way stretch that conforms to the changing amount of pressure your body places on the seat area. The 8 mm memory foam has been added into the chamois pad that covers the most sensitive parts of your body to ensure constant comfort as you pedal for miles sitting on a thin, firm race saddle. A design very specifically credited to ASSOS is the GoldenGate which has found a way to remove the stitching in the middle of the pad. By removing the stitching, the pad can adjust to your body position and less stitching also means less friction. These T.Works_Teamshorts are the shorts for the rider who rides long consecutive training sessions and wants to keep from getting chafed so the riding can continue in comfort.

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 * The most comfortable bib shorts for a racer

* Elastic lining with silicone dots
* Soft mesh fabric in the bib straps
* Glass hook on bib straps
* S7 chamois pad for endurance rides
* Low waist line
* Wide spread bib straps