Castelli Corridore Glove

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SKU: K16537
Castelli pro-riders love the Corridore Glove because it keeps their hands warm but in a lightweight, well-fitted pair of winter cycling gloves. The 100% polyester is breathable and stretchy so your hands stay dry in cycling gloves that maintain their perfect fit. The gloves are also soft and thin enough so you maintain close contact with your handlebars. For extra grip, silicone is added to the palm. At the fingertips, touchscreen inserts allow you to press digits on your phone saving you from the inconvenience of removing the gloves.

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• 100% polyester for excellent fit and wicking • Soft knit that is warm and breathable • Silicone printed palm for extra grip • Touchscreen inserts at fingertips • Comfort Zone 12°-18°C / 54°-65°F