Castelli Nanoflex+ Armwarmer

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The Castelli Nanoflex Arm-Warmers stay in place as you are leaned over your bike or out of the saddle in a sprint or attack. The Nanoflex fabric is flexible, it conforms to the constant change in your body position. The fabric has thermal properties that are water-resistant so it keeps out cold rain, but it also is breathable so you don’t overheat or get laden down with sweat. Double-sided silicone grippers keep the arm warmers in place without pinching your skin. The Nano Flex Arm Warmers block out the cold and wet weather while they support your body as you ride at high intensities.

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• Water-resistant thermal and breathable • Nano Flex fabric • Nano Light insert on back for extra stretch, bringing better fit and comfort • Double-sided silicone grippers to keep the warmers in place • 8°-22°C / 45°-70°F