Castelli Incendio 12 Sock

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The Castelli Incendio 12 Socks are made with PrimaLoft® and wool which makes these cool weather socks extra soft, breathability and insular. PrimaLoft® is synthetic microfiber thermal insulation material used in outdoor gear. Wool is a soft natural material used for centuries in cold weather apparel. Castelli combined these materials to make the Incendio 12 Socks that are also resistant to water and extremely durable. The terry-cloth pad under forefoot adds extra warmth and it speeds up evaporation to keep foot dry. The four-way stretch and thin construction provide a pair of socks that support your feet in a compact cycling shoe.

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• PrimaLoft® and wool for maximum warmth • Terry-cloth pad under forefoot for extra warmth • Thin construction to fit in your snug cycling shoes • Reinforced toe and heels • Comfort Zone 0°-20°C / 32°-68°F