Castelli Cross Prerace Pant

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Wear the Castelli Cross Prerace Pant on warm-up, a wet training ride as well as off-the-bike when the weather is wet. This versatile pair of pants is made with high-stretch Torrent 3-layer fabric which has a little extra give so you can wear it over your gear on rainy days. The fabric provides complete protection from rain and wind, these pants are made for unfavorable weather. The pants are very compact so when it stops raining, you can store them in your back jersey pocket with ease. The full-length button opening makes the pants easy to remove. The narrow leg opening makes sure the pants stay close to your leg, so it doesn’t get caught in the chain. A reflective logo has been added to increase rider visibility on low lit days.
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* High-stretch Torrent 3-layer stretch fabric with 10,000 mm waterproofness and total wind-proofness * Full-length button opening for easy removal on the start line * Narrow leg opening to prevent the fabric from getting caught in the chain * Reflective logo * Comfort Zone -5°-10°C / 23°-50°F + Rain