ASSOS hK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 Lady

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The ASSOS hK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 Lady are the knickers used by performance minded female cyclists on cooler days in the summer and moderately cool fall and spring rides. Made with ASSOS’ type.439 material, the knickers support a woman’s body by providing just the right compression to enhance performance in a perfect fitting pair of woman’s cycling knickers. The soft material is amazingly comfortable and the speed at which it transfers moisture keeps the rider dry and comfortable as she sweats in cool weather. Comfort is even further enhanced by the woman’s specific design that follows every curve of a woman as she shifts her body into the position she needs to chase down a rider who wants to get away. The lower leg design has been improved by adding a lightweight compressive material to ensure a woman’s legs are supported and there is no creasing of the knickers as she pedals her bike. ASSOS designed the S7 chamois to conform to a woman’s body as she presses full throttle into the pedals and feels pressure of the saddle against her seat. Three layers of protection are designed into the chamois pad. The memory foam adjusts to the shape of the body no matter how often a woman shifts her weight. On the layer closest to the seat, the super lightweight superAir and waffle fabrics keep a woman dry thanks to the air that circulates through the chamois. Comfort is further perfected by a nearly seamless, four-way stretch making the S7 padding superbly comfortable to ride in on those long weekend rides.

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* New pattern for the cut of the lower leg to increase the comfort and fit of these knickers * Using all of the innovations found in our H.laalaLaiShorts_S7, these bring you all the comfort of the S7 platform * All new S7 generation insert brings you to the next level of performance on the bike * Made with our type.439 material, these knickers strike the balance between comfort and compression for superior performance * S7 generation insert * S7 generation comfort in female-specific knickers. * Cut in regular fit for added comfort