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ASSOS has been making cycling clothes since 1976, and has worked with some of the world’s top professional bike racers to develop and refine their line of cycling apparel.  Giuseppe Ribolzi, a former professional cyclist, began wearing ASSOS clothing when he first started racing. To be successful he had to have the best road cycling gear. He wore ASSOS because he had to wear the best cycling shorts and best cycling jerseys. He continued to wear ASSOS apparel until his retirement 20 years later on multiple cycling teams. He then became the Manager of the ASSOS Experience Superstore.

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Call it obsessive or just a winning business philosophy ASSOS pride themselves on their meticulous attention to even the smallest detail of their cycling apparel. Design and research, combined with strict adherence to exacting production standards, result in clothes of such high quality that they’re prized by performance cyclists worldwide. Every ASSOS garment has a warranty registration number that can be used to track the model, color and size of the item. That’s your assurance of quality. ASSOS clothes are cut to hug the body without applying pressure while optimizing muscle compression – and that applies not just to men’s cycling apparel but also to the cycling clothes tailored specifically for women.  As ASSOS puts it: “These ASSOS designs provide total freedom of movement, are wrinkle free, more aerodynamic, and enable better performance and breath-ability because they fit perfectly.” And when you choose your ASSOS cycling outfit you can select apparel that’s right for a specific temperature range – another great advantage whether you’re out on a training ride or competing in the most important race of the season.

NEW FOR 2012

The decision to change a fabric or modify a design isn’t made lightly by the professionals working at the ASSOS Competence Center in San Pietro di Stabio in Switzerland.  So when ASSOS announces a new product or feature, you can be sure it’s a real improvement.

Take, for example, the nS superLeggera that ASSOS is introducing for spring and summer 2012.  This is a new generation of sleeveless jersey that’s perfect cycling apparel to wear when temperatures rise to between 290 and 390 Celsius. Yes, that’s right: for wearing when the mercury zooms up to from 840 to 1020 Fahrenheit!  In addition to the usual host of ASSOS technical advantages such as perfect fit and aerodynamic design, the nS superLeggera provides UV protection, and it’s available in Unisex or Lady patterns.

The s5.UNO is ASSOS’ new standard performance cycling jersey.  It was developed from and improves upon the acclaimed SS.Uno jersey. It is worn in combination with the ASSOS interactive body insulator.3 as the first layer, directly on your skin.

Also new for 2012, is the tK.434.  This ¾ length spandex bibknicker is built from 13 panels, all assembled by hand in 34 separate steps. It took 3 years of research and testing to bring the final product to market after 47 concept and road prototypes. Great for warm spring, fall or cooler summer rides when you need

All ASSOS cycling shorts and tights now include s5 technology. This apparel is designed, as ASSOS puts it, “to merge with your body.”  S5 has 25% less volume weight; exerts 23% less pressure on the genital area; has 35% extra breathable fabric, insert and AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design); and offers 18% more compression on the muscle zone than the previous generation of shorts.


ASSOS is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘ASSOS, meaning “Ace.”  And that’s exactly who these cycling clothes are designed and made for: the aces of the cycling world.  When you wear ASSOS, you know you’re wearing the same high-quality, ergonomic, performance bike clothing preferred by some of the world’s top pros. What’s more, you’re already qualified to join Equipe Campionissimo – the worldwide ASSOS rider peloton, created to connect and unite ASSOS riders. You’re in good company.

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