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Castelli traces its roots to 1876 when a tailor set up shop in Milan.  It was here that the first cycling clothes were made for five-time Giro d’Italia champion Alfredo Binda in 1910.  In 1939, the company was acquired by Armando Castelli, who had worked at the original shop for several years. 

In the 1940s Castelli was designing clothes for Gino Bartali, and other legends in the world of cycling. When Fausto Coppi won the Giro d’Italia in 1940, at age 20, it was only after he came to Castelli and challenged him to come up with lighter clothing that would lessen his weight so he could race faster up the famed Alp d’Huez. It was because of this challenge that cycling jerseys were revolutionized: the garment was converted from a wool item to a silk one. Wearing this innovative cycling jersey, Coppi won the Giro. 

In 1974, Armando Castelli’s son, Maurizi, founded the Castelli brand which has since become famous among cyclists, and which has continued the tradition of innovation, introducing several “firsts” to the cycling world: the first aerodynamic Lycra® short (1977); the first colored Lycra® short (1981) when only black had been allowed in races; first sublimation printing of jerseys (1983); first functional thermal winter clothing (1984); first fully aerodynamic skinsuit (1996); first modern bib short, introducing the y-cut seatpad, the Progetto Y (1998); first wicking fabric treatment, ProSecco (1998); first radiating insulation, “Radiation” (2008); and, in 2010 the futuristic BodyPaint bibshort.
Castelli Cycling Apparel
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Why Castelli?

Castelli states that they are “dedicated to making the fastest clothing in the world” with attention to even the smallest details.  The company uses cutting-edge technology combined with old-world craftsmanship to create comfortable and aerodynamic cycling clothes.  

Castelli marries technology with innovative style and design.  Their passion is “to create performance-enhancing cycling apparel.”   To achieve this, Castelli works with some of the world’s top professional cyclists, relying on them for input to make cycling apparel that is aerodynamic and comfortable.  It’s this approach and the company’s philosophy that have made Castelli the preferred brand for hundreds of thousands of cyclists over the years.   

New for 2012

Cycling Team Kits - Race teams have been coming to Castelli over many decades for cycling team kits. In providing these kits, Castelli has given cycling teams some of the best road cycling jerseys, bicycle shorts, bib shorts, and cycling tights. For 2012 Castelli has made their renowned cycling team kits, like the Body Paint pieces used by the pros, available to any team that wants the advantage of having its riders wearing high-performance Castelli brand cycling apparel. These include the Body Paint 2.0 Bibshort, the Sanremo Speedsuit, and the Body Paint 2.0 Speedsuit. All this represents another advance in the Italian manufacturer’s continuing commitment to making Castelli cycling clothing the leading brand worldwide.  TourCycling carries the exact cycling clothing worn by the Castelli Garmin Barracuda Team.

Triathlon Clothing - Another first for 2012 is Castelli’s entry into the Triathlon market which they had vowed not to enter until they could provide triathlete apparel that is truly technologically superior. The new Tri Line is based on their famous Body Paint bike clothes series with enhancements that make it ideal for swimming and running as well as cycling. We also carry all the Body Paint Tri clothes.

Continuous Improvement - For 2012 Castelli has also improved upon many of the already top-of-the-line features in its road cycle clothing for men and women:

  • The revolutionary Aero Race 3.1 Jersey has been given enhanced airflow in the area behind the shoulders and along the side panels.
  • The famous Progetto X2 chamois has been improved with the addition of perforations to the foam layer to increase evaporation rates and the shape of the pad has been modified slightly.
  • The new Giro3 leg grippers are a huge advance for speed and comfort because the gripper material is woven directly into the fabric: the gripper band compresses lightly and lies totally flat.
  • The famous Body Paint race cycling apparel has been given a speed boost by the addition of aero dimples on the leg and mesh at the back.
  • Introduction of a new hybrid raglan sleeve construction to improve maximum on-the-bike comfort in some of their cycling jerseys.
  • The already totally effective windproof SGO.6 Wind fabric has been given better stretch and breathability.

Made For You

Since the days of Coppi, European and American professional racers have been coming to Castelli for their top-of-the-line high performance cycling clothing.  As a pro, you know the value of Castelli cycling apparel.  But Castelli clothing is not just for professional riders. Every female or male cyclist who is a road cyclist and rides a road bike or a mountain bike off-road can wear this high- performance, comfortable cycling clothing and flash the Castelli scorpion logo.

When riding and racing, you will see the Castelli scorpion logo on the full range of cycling apparel. Castelli cycling clothes are so popular because Castelli has brought the magic of their unique cycling jerseys and cycling bibs to a countless number of cyclists over the decades. Time has proven the quality of Castelli bike clothes.

When you see the scorpion riding with you in a race you can be sure that rider knows a few things about the sport of road cycling.

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