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Since 1977 Craft has designed clothing for athletes of all different endurance sports in all different weather conditions. They have also adjusted their clothing to fit the needs of different body types. In order to perfect the clothing for the endurance athlete, they have studied the athlete’s movement patterns and body heat zones. At the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre, they test their products in a state-of-the-art sports laboratory. Then they take the products out onto the road and test them over thousands of miles of real life riding situations.  As a result, Craft brand cycling apparel is comfortable and aerodynamic.

Over the last 25 years, Craft has become the master of the layering system and now Craft is the official clothing provider of the Radio Shack Nissan Trek, arguably the best cycling team in the world. Originally starting as Leopard Trek to bring Andy and Fränk Schleck to the forefront of racing, Leopard Trek riders graced the podium in classics such as the Tour de France, Tour de Flanders and Tour de Suisse among world races on other continents. Leopard Trek evolved into Radio Shack Nissan Trek and has brought in racers such as  Johan Bruyneel and Flavio Becca so the team has spread their talent along a wide range of riders with intent to dominate.  Craft cycling clothes are being provided to the team because Craft brand cycling apparel is known for its ability to comfortably regulate the athlete’s body so it’s at its ideal performance temperature. They provide the team with all the garments they need including base layers, training wear, training garments, leisure wear and accessories. 

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What do these terms mean?

Craft cycling clothing includes base layers that range from the Cool Collection which helps to keep you cool in warm weather to the Zero Collection which keeps your body dry and comfortable during exercise in cool to cold conditions. The complex design of its clothing creates garments that regulate your body temperature but are not heavy so you are free to move. The perfect fit is also one more attribute designed in the Craft clothes. 

In the Cool Collection, the Hexa underwear comes in two high-tech fabrics- plain and mesh. Both these fabrics are made with a HEXA channeled fiber which is designed to pull the sweat off the body and keep you dry and cool. This also keeps the smell and odor away. The Zero Collection has the Pro Zero, Pro Cool and Gore Wind Stop in the most effective base layer yet. Pro Zero lies against your body and pulls excess moisture away from your skin, while at the same time it keeps you warm. Pro Cool outer fabric allows air to circulate around your body. This air allows your skin to breathe and it also helps to dry up the sweat so you stay dry.  Craft knows the importance of keeping your body dry so it can stay warm.  The Gore Wind Stop is the lightest ever windproof, 4-way stretch fabric panel. Gore WS is placed on the outside of the Pro Zero fabric so not only does it shield you from the wind, but it also evaporates heavy sweat.  One more addition to the complexity of the Craft fabrics is the 3D-knit construction with hollow fibers and bodymapped climate zones that maintain your body heat only where you need it the most so you are not bogged down in unnecessary heavy fabrics. Craft bicycle clothing includes garments engineered for temperatures that range from  -10F to 50F (-25C to 10C).

What’s New for 2012?

Craft is launching an all-new Warm Wool collection. Craft has perfected bodymapped structures. The garments are circular knitted, and the bodymapped structures are exactly where they need to be. Wool which is soft and warm is closest to the skin. On the outside, polyamide transports moisture to the next layer. To enhance the comfort, the circular knitting has seamless construction pieces which minimizes chafing and guarantees comfort.  The bodymapped mesh panels and fabric combinations in the socks are adjusted to the specific pressure points that your feet experience when pedaling your bike. They even have specific designs for the left and right foot so you have the perfect fit.    

All Craft’s bike pads have been upgraded for the 2012 Spring/Summer season. Cut using the groundbreaking Lasercut Tech® technology, Craft removes any unnecessary volume of foam and increases ventilation by more than 100%. Craft has two different pads- the Elite Pad and the Performance Pad.    

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The Elite Pad has been upgraded with the Swiss Technology Carbon Elastic Fabric so it can be used on long rides. The carbon fibers closest to the skin efficiently manage moisture and they have fantastic antimicrobial properties without adding any chemical treatment. The engineers at Craft have also made a small change in how they cut in the middle so it’s more anatomically correct.

The new version of the Performance Pad has the same pressure zones but has been upgraded with a molded design that better conforms to your body, a higher density pad and EVA Anti-shock System which is the third layer in the pad. The System helps to reduce the sense of vibration that you get when you ride your bike. This third layer is 3 mm thick and perforated with 2 mm holes so you get more airflow. The 4-way stretch fabric decreases chafing and it also protects it when it’s washed. The EVA Anti-shock System is located in the rear part of the pad.

Moreover, Craft have increased the precision of the Lasercut Tech® technology for improved comfort.

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