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GORE BIKE WEAR® has been bringing functional bike wear to cyclists for over 28 years. As a result of the quality and demand for their cycling clothing, they have racked up hundreds of awards for the quality, performance and design of their products. Now they are one of the 200 largest privately held U.S. companies.

Gore Bike wear is a brand of W.L. Gore & Associates, a leader in technical materials for consumer and industrial use.  Founded in the basement of Bill and Vieve Gore’s home in 1958, the company specializes in fluoropolymers. Gore has operations around the globe. It is best known as the developer of waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex® fabric and of wind-blocking Windstopper® material. Gore’s products are also used in a variety of industrial and consumer products, such as electronic signal transmission, diverse industrial applications and medical implants. GORE BIKE WEAR® was introduced first in Europe in 1984.

Gore Bike Wear Xenon II Lady Jersey
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Why Gore?

The guiding philosophy at GORE BIKE WEAR® is to make durable, high-tech, functional, and premium quality products with the same passion that committed cyclists bring to their sport. Each year they bring the latest fabric technologies and design styles to the table and each year, their clothing gets better at handling the demands of the sport that keeps on moving no matter what the weather decides.

If you’re a perfectionist, GORE BIKE WEAR® prides itself on being the specialist that can deliver the products you need to pursue your passion. 



The Xenon family

he XENON family of bike wear has been revised with new designs, superior materials and improved tailoring.  There are even better matches among the XENON family products so that both professional and amateur cyclists can select the combinations that suit their particular needs and the weather conditions they expect.
Gore is introducing Ultrasonic seams into more selected jerseys and tights for the spring and summer 2012 seasons.  These seams lie flatter and result in less chafing and weight.

And, of course, all XENON cycling apparel has a high level of breathability, packs down small, and features 3600 reflective prints so you are visible in traffic. 
Another great advantage now available in XENON wear, is the use of coldblack® materials for efficient body temperature management.  Coldblack® is a special new finish that reflects sunlight and is non-absorbent so you stay cooler and are protected from UV rays (minimum UPF 30).

For the performance-oriented racing cyclist, Gore has developed and has made available for 2012 the new short-sleeved XENON GT Jacket.  This guaranteed-waterproof jacket is ultralight, feels good against the skin, is highly breathable and gives protection from rain or heavy mountain mist. The jacket’s ergonomic and aerodynamic cut ensure it fits skin-tight so you can perform better with less effort.


The CONTEST Special Edition

Contemporary design and new color combinations are what the CONTEST Special Edition collection is all about – without compromising Gore’s commitment to cycling apparel that is functional, ergonomic, comfortable, and provides optimum moisture management.
The 3-part back pocket of the CONTEST Special Edition (SE) Jersey gives the male or female cyclists just the right amount of space to store necessary items, and the opening is slanted to allow easier access. The full-length zip on the front of the jersey can be opened up to allow proper ventilation. The CONTEST SE Bibtights short+ for men and the CONTEST LADY Tights short+ for women are available in colors to match the jerseys. CONTEST seat padding is gender-specific so whether you’re a man or a woman, comfort and protection are guaranteed.

For optimum climate regulation and maximum comfort, the GORE BIKE WEAR® BASE LAYER products can be used as the first layer of the skin-to-shell and head-to-toe outfit system, and can be combined with all CONTEST SE products.

To sum it up

What all these enhancements add up to is a versatile and stylish bike apparel system that provides both male and female cyclists with more comfort, less weight, better protection from the elements, and improved aerodynamics.  Just think “higher performance levels”!

Your choice

You know what your cycling goals are.  Gore Bike Wear® offers you a full range of quality, high-tech, functional, and durable cycling apparel that can help you achieve your goals by providing maximum comfort, protection and aerodynamics. You can equip yourself with the ideal outfit so you’ll be ready for any temperature or weather.  You know you’ll have GORE BIKE WEAR’S® 28 years of experience backing you up whether you’re climbing hard toward a wet mountain pass or slugging it out on a long stretch of hot desert road. 

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