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In 1983, Louis Garneau started his cycling apparel business in the basement of his father’s garage.  Louis was a Canadian road racing and track cyclist and he brought the same passion to his new business as he had for the sport. By 1988 Louis was distributing cycling apparel throughout Canada and that same year the company embarked on the helmet market – a market that the company grew to be a leader in.  In 1989 Louis Garneau expanded to the U.S., opening their first office in Newport, VT. Within two years they were selling helmets worldwide. Success followed upon success.

Top road, track, and triathlon athletes now compete wearing the distinctive Garneauwordmark whether it’s on their helmet, cycling jersey, bibs, shorts or tek suit. Louis Garneau has sponsored numerous professional teams including the Saturn, Jittery, Buoygues Telecom, Rock Racing, and Bahati Foundation teams. In 2010 they announced their worldwide sponsorship of TBB, a Singapore-based team.

In 2010, Louis Garneau announced a three-year helmet sponsorship with British professional tri-athlete and three-time Ironman World Champion and Course Record Breaker, Chrissie Wellington.  And, continuing it tradition of sponsorship of top athletes, in January 2012, the company announced the apparel sponsorship of current and five-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander.

Since the early days, when the company had just one employee, this Canadian enterprise has grown into an organization that sells technological and innovative bicycle gear worldwide. Louis Garneau now makes their top-quality apparel for road cyclists, runners, triathletes and winter sports enthusiasts.

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The Louis Garneau line of cycling jackets, cycling vests, cycling bibs, cycling shortsandcycling tights is brought to market only aftermany sessions of wind tunnel testing and body acceleration analysis. Cyclists are studied in controlled environments and out in the elements: wind, heat, wet and cold. As a result, Louis Garneau cycling gear is aerodynamic, fits like a second skin, compresses for performance, manages body moisture, and iswindproof, waterproof and comfortable.  This is cycling clothing designed for high- performance cyclists who want comfort and speed, whether it’s on their road bike or mountain bike.

Louis Garneau has won numerous awards that have shown what cyclists think of Garneau products. Some of these awards include a 2007 Customer's Choice Award, a 2005 Best Businessman of the Year Award, and a 2004 People's Choice Award. In 2010, Garneau was the winner of the Editors' Choice Award for Best Women's Short Under US$100 from Bicycling Magazine.


Louis Garneau is the leader in aerodynamic cycling apparel.  For riders who are looking for speed, Garneau is the brand to buy.

- The Vorttice Helmet was introduced to the world of professional athletes at the Tour de France last July. Currently the market leader in the aero helmet, Garneau took one step even further when they made the Vorticce which has become the fastest helmet around.  The Garneau engineers have placed the intake vent and evacuation channels in just the right places so the air comes in to cool your head and leaves carrying hot air away. The air flows around the helmet so there is no drag. When riding in this Louis Garneau helmet, you’ll be comfortable and the helmet offers less resistance to air.

- Another new item in cycling apparel that Garneau offers hard-core cyclists is the Corsa Jersey. Thousands of miles of wind tunnel testing have brought the Corsa Jersey to the forefront of aerodynamic cycling jerseys. The Speed Tech fabric, combined with complex technologically intelligent design, makes the air flow easily over the jersey. TheCorsa Jersey can be partnered with the Corsabibtights which have equally technologically savvy design. In these Louis GarneauBibtights, the Speed Tech fabric has a dimpled mesh construction which makes this cycling bibtight exceedingly aerodynamic. Garneau engineers even added in a laser-cut, seamless Aero Lazer band that gives you a second skin feel.


“Never give up” is the Louis Garneau motto. It embodies the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and the desire to produce the best possible cycling apparel.  Put on a Louis Garneau jersey, bibshorts or helmet, and you can ride confident that the clothes are designed and made for the performance cyclist in you.


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