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SIDI cycling shoes are the number one choice for professional cyclists. You see racers in top bicycle races such as the Tour de France wearing SIDI bike shoes. You don’t get any better than SIDI. Professional racers have a reason for riding in SIDI. Racing bikes in all the cycling disciplines requires your mind and body to handle the heat and cold, the snow and the rain.  If you ride or race, you know what a grueling and demanding sport you face every time you clip into those pedals. /products/1242/sidi-genius-66-carbon-lite-womens-shoes.aspx
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Dino Signori, the founder of SIDI, began racing his bike when he was 15 years old. He understands the demands of this sport. Some years later, he began his trek of producing footwear in 1960 In the cycling bedrock of Italy. He began by making mountain sports footwear. By 1970, he expanded his business into making cycling footwear for bicycles and motorcycles. In 1973, SIDI produced and designed the TITANIUM cycling shoe. In the previous 100 years before the Titanium, racers had to nail cleats into cycling shoes. The Titanium revolutionized cleat attachment with the use of adjustable screws; cyclists could now fit in their shoes into the right position increasing power and decreasing injury. Beyond just producing SIDI road bike shoes, by 1985 SIDI produced the first-ever mountain bike cycling shoe with lugged rubber soles.


With 50 years of designing top quality footwear, Dino Signori and now his son Daniele and daughter Rosella work with the support of a young, vibrant staff of designers and crafts people. The team bring into the racing world, cycling shoes that are strong and stiff, yet comfortable to the rider. These shoes allow the riders to go fast on a bike, the very reason why a lot of the top athletes in the tour cycling racing circuit ride with SIDI shoes. Over the years, SIDI gave the cycling world nylon soles (for stiffness), Velcro® closure systems (instead of laces), and the first micro-adjust buckle in the cycling industry. The last five years even higher tech design has been introduced and been an impetus for giving racers a chance to ride even faster.

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Traditionally, the foam core soles of cycling shoes were wrapped in carbon. In 2006, SIDI introduced the Full Carbon Sole into the cycling shoe. This sole made the shoe stronger and stiffer, increasing the efficiency of transferring your leg power into the pedals and bike.  The growth continued and SIDI offered an even higher performance cycling shoe to the racer world.  In 2008, they advanced the full carbon sole with the Millennium 3 which used injected carbon construction within a nylon matrix.  The sole got 36% more rigidity giving the new models a longer life and an even higher capacity for varying temperature changes.  In 2010, the new ergo ii model offers all the prior advancements while allowing the rider to adjust every single spot on the shoe for an absolutely perfect fit each and every ride.

If you are looking for discount cycling shoes, don’t look at the SIDI cycling shoe.  The SIDI shoes are for cyclists who have a passion for the sport of cycling either as a hard corps bike racer who wants a high-performance shoe so they can ride fast or as a rider who loves to ride their bicycle and wants to ride fast and be comfortable. While you pay for quality, SIDI has designed their shoes so they last long. The SIDI replacement parts, the things that wear out, are actually inexpensive. You can get buckles, straps, tread blocks and toe spikes -- everything you need to make them perform like new. 

SIDI offers men’s cycling shoes and women’s cycling shoes.  They are known to create a cycling shoe made specifically for the woman’s body so she too can have ultimate comfort and be streamlined to win bike races.

In 2011 SIDI has introduced the Design Series Nevada Shoes® which is priced for the entry level cyclist who wants a stiff, weightless SIDI cycling shoe at a great price. Slightly higher volume SIDI Design Series® gives it a relaxed fit with three Velcro® straps and padded tongue for a comfortable fit. The stiff, fiberglass-reinforced Nevada sole is designed for easy cleat replacement.

In 2011 the upgraded components- the buckle pad and the soft instep receptacle are now lighter and more flexible.  The new colors of 2011 are the ERGO 2 which have a red, white, black version of the shoe and a limited addition bronze and silver. The Genius 6 is a black vernice with yellow. The Genius 5 is white vernice in both women and men’s SIDI cycling shoes.


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