Team USA will be racing in the ASSOS T.equipeShorts_S7 bib shorts at the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Team USA chose the T.equipeShorts_S7 for its perfectly tailored fit on a racer’s body. A little more compression, a little closer fit and a more anatomically shaped insert separate the T.equipeShorts_S7 from a recreational style pair of bib shorts. Two textiles, five patterns and seventeen components make up a lighter weight, more compressible and more breathable pair of bib shorts. Silky soft fabrics are combined by ASSOS’ highly skilled seamstress’ to make the most comfortable and aerodynamic race shorts to be worn at the biggest bike races in the world. Minimal seams connect the ASSOS soft Type.439 fabric that compresses the skin with just the right amount of pressure. The compression ensures the bib shorts have constant even contact with your body so the shorts don’t crease no matter how much your body shifts. The same compressive bib shorts support your body in motion and help to push more oxygenated blood to your contracting muscles. ASSOS shorts are pricey, but they are pricey for a reason. The quality of fabric and construction along with a high resistance to abrasion result in a pair of bib shorts that take care of your performing body through multiple seasons. The ASSOS T.equipeShorts_S7 maintain their race quality features unlike many of the lower quality bib shorts. The ASSOS bib shorts pay you back with the best, most long lasting combination of performance textiles and a chamois pad that doesn’t lose its protective qualities. The ASSOS Goldengate chamois pad is different from the standard padding. Before the Goldengate, padding was fastened to the cycling shorts all the way around. On long rides, the stitching at the sides of the padding caused the padding to crease and then chafe the rider’s seat. To fix this problem of chamois discomfort, ASSOS’ research team found the right places to stitch the padding to the textile. The sewing in the Goldengate padding that comes in contact with the inside of the legs has been removed. This new stitching mixed with the four-way stretch provide a chamois that moves freely with the body. Less chafing translates to more comfort. The padding is also a little thinner and narrower so that no excessive bulky padding restricts a cyclist’s pedal stroke. Every aspect of the T.equipe has been designed to make the racer faster and more comfortable. At the front, a panel has been cut out and replaced by soft and flexible fabric to further enhance comfort. This soft panel better adjusts to the rider’s changing position and decreases pressure on the crotch area to maintain cyclist comfort on long, hard rides or races.

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