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Having feet comfortably secured into a good pair of cycling shoes makes all the difference. SIDI has worked with some of the greatest world champions in the history of cycling along with strong support riders to better understand the demands of the road and trails so SIDI can use cutting edge technology and materials to make what is needed to perform on a road and mountain bike. Chris Froome won the 2015 Tour de France in SIDI shoes, Chris Schurter also won the 2015 Cross Country World Championships in SIDI shoes and Team Katusha takes on the 2016 world road calendar in SIDI Wire cycling shoes. Joaquim Rodrigues, Alexander Kristoff and other teammates will be sporting the SIDI Write Model. Past professionals have won big races in SIDI shoes. Tony Martin, the three time world trial champion, has taken on the challenges of racing securely supported by SIDI shoes. SIDI offers cycling shoes specifically cut for a woman's foot. The shoe is narrower across the ball of the foot, less volume on the instep area and a narrower heel cup. For men, SIDI offers a regular and Mega fit. The mega fit is 4 mm wider across the ball of the foot, it has more volume, a higher instep and a wider heel cup. Tour Cycling offers SIDI shoes for all types of riders whether you ride the road, on the off road trails or in a triathlon. SIDI's top road shoe is the Wire Carbon. The Wire Carbon has three different categories: the Vent Carbon Air Push, the Vent Carbon Push and the Vent Carbon Push SP. These cycling shoes are record lightweight without losing the stiffness and security of the classic SIDI cycling shoe. The SIDI Wire Carbon Vent Carbon Air Push shoe is made with SIDI's Microfibria TechPro, a microfiber eco-friendly leather that is resistant to wear, offers complete stability, is lightweight and it repels water. The Vent Carbon Sole is 60 grams lighter than all the other SIDI soles and it has vents that get rid of heat and sweat. SIDI's new Soft Instep Closure System distributes pressure evenly, can be adjusted from both sides and it fits both high and low instep. SIDI's Techno-3 Push allows the perfect fit along the entire length of the shoe and is easy to adjust while on the bike. The Adjustable Heel Retention Device supports the heel cup so the foot doesn't slide out on a sprint or a climb. The Ergo 4 Carbon Shoe is the same in all features as the Wire Vent Carbon with the exception of the sole. The Ergo 4 is designed with the Twelve Carbon Composite sole which has a slightly higher weight component and provides strength and durability. The Genius Fit has a lot of similarities and qualifies as a race ready cycling shoe. In place of the the Soft Instep Closure System, it has two highly secure Velcro straps. The Genius Fit is made with the Millennium 4 Carbon Composite sole which is stiffer and more durable than your standard Nylon sole. The SIDI Carbon Kaos Shoe has the Wire Carbon latching system that provides exact fit along the entire length of the shoe. The SIDI Level Shoe is very similar to the Genius Fit in features and price. The Level shoe has been designed for the racer who is just beginning to take on racing. For wet, cold weather the SIDI Avast Rain and Hydro GTX Shoes are great choices to keep the road cyclist's feet warm and dry but still race ready. For mountain bikers, the SIDI Drako SRS Push Shoe is equivalent to the Wire Vent Carbon shoe. The Drako has all the features needed for a secure exact fit, the difference is the Carbon SRS sole and the Integrated Rubber Toe Guard that protects the foot from bumps and scrapes. Drako's Carbon SRS Sole manages trails stresses and it is 100 grams lighter than the world championship-winning Dragon 3 which is SIDI's next in line of the mountain bike racing shoe category. The Dragon 4 has the Carbon Composite sole for the mountain biker who may need two spikes on the front. The Dragon 4 is comparable to SIDI's Ergo 4 Carbon for the road rider. The SIDI Cape shoe has the same full shoe adjustment systems as the Wire Carbon road shoe and The Drako mountain bike shoe but with the Mountain Bike Competition Sole that can be fitted with two spikes on the front but is a little heavier than the Dragon 4 shoe's Carbon Composite sole. The Dominator Fit mountain bike shoe is very similar to the Cape shoe minus the Tecno 3 system which can more accurately adjust the full length fit of the shoe. The Dominator instead has the security of 2 Velcro straps which can also be easily adjusted on the bike. The Dominator is also slightly lower in price than the Cape shoe. The SIDI Ghilibi and the Breeze Rain Shoe are for mountain bikers who want to take on the trails when the weather forecast promises cold, wet weather.