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Men's Cycling Tights & Knickers When you wear any of the men's cycling tights or men's cycling knickers offered by Tour Cycling you can open your front door, hop onto your bike and ride in comfort even through the cold winter months. The manufacturers we carry: ASSOS, Castelli, Craft, Gore, Ale Bike Wear and Louis Garneau - have allspent years developing designs for cycling apparel that fit elite athletes perfectly and that protect even in very cold weather. The first important factor in a design is just how well the tights fit the cyclist as he pedals leaned over on his bike. The panels in the tights featured in the Tour Cycling inventory are cut to fit the contours of a man's cycling body. On each pedal stroke there is no excess fabric flapping around and no snagging on the bike. Our men's biking tights move with you as you turn the pedals and you will barely feel you're wearing them. Besides being comfortable, these aerodynamic designs can affect your time in a race. You will cross the line sooner in our cycling tights. Tour Cycling tights are definitely made for the performance minded athlete. The second characteristic is the type of fabric used in the tight. The engineers at ASSOS, Castelli, Craft, Gore, Ale Bike Wear and Louis Garneau have spent years of intensive research to learn which fabrics to use so the cycling tights maintain your body warmth while allowing your skin to breathe. These fabrics also compress your skin which helps to increase blood flow which in turn helps with your recovery time. This can be critical when you are riding hard or over a long distance. Last but certainly not least, one of the most important characteristics in any tight is the chamois. If you want to be comfortable on those rides where you're tucked deep into the saddle, a good chamois is essential. Our manufacturers haven't just slapped together a pad and called it a chamois on our men's padded bike tights. They've created chamois with complex designs, multi-layered, anti-bacterial and designed to fit the creases of a man's body. Tour Cycling carries a full range of men's cycling bib tights and knickers. In addition to standard bib tights with conventional straps, we offer bib tights with ultra-high backs that criss-cross over so you have maximum protection. If you need to be warm when riding your bicycle, check out one of these items!