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  1. Castelli Race Rain Bag
    Castelli Race Rain Bag
    As low as $89.99
  2. Castelli Water Bottle
    Castelli Water Bottle
    As low as $11.99
  3. Louis Garneau Top Zone Bag
    Louis Garneau Top Zone Bag
    As low as $24.99
  4. Louis Garneau City Pannier 12L Bag
    Louis Garneau City Pannier 12L Bag
    As low as $49.99
  5. Louis Garneau E-bike Transpo 20L
    Louis Garneau E-bike Transpo 20L
    As low as $99.99
  6. Louis Garneau E-bike Trunk 16L
    Louis Garneau E-bike Trunk 16L
    As low as $79.99
  7. Louis Garneau City Trunk 16L Cycling Bag
    Louis Garneau City Trunk 16L Cycling Bag
    As low as $59.99
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Tour Cycling offers a range of Castelli cycling bags that meet all the needs of cyclists whether they need a bike bag to carry a tube and CO2 cartridge, a backpack to carry everything needed for a day trip or a rolling suit case to pack all the cycling gear required to complete a stage race or week-long adventure of just riding for fun and fitness. Castelli has two Rolling Travel Bags with multiple compartments allowing you to separate and organize belongings. A padded compartment has been added for a safe place to store fragile electronic equipment. The 42 liter Rolling Travel Bag has just enough space for a weekend trip and it is small enough to be carried onto a plane. The 80 liter Rolling Travel Bag offers more space for longer, more involved trips. The 71 liter Gear Duffle Bag is an extra bag you can tow along in case of overflow in your Rolling Travel Bag. The duffle bag has smaller pockets in addition to the main pocket. It also has a place specifically to store cycling shoes. The 26 liter Gear Backpack can be loaded with all the essentials of a day trip. It has wider straps and a waist belt for maximum comfort whether you are hiking or riding your bike. The backpack is water resistant so your gear stays dry in case of a rain fall. The Castelli Rain Bag can be easily stored in the back seat with any extras needed on a race day. A bottom zipped shoe compartment and flip open top pockets are easy to open when you need to quickly access cycling shoes or other gear. Tour Cycling offers two Castelli saddle bags: The Mini Saddle Bag carries what you need for a tube and CO2 cartridge and the extra-large Saddle Bag has the space you need for the accessories to change a flat, extra food, money and keys.