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  1. Castelli Aero Race 4.1 Solid Jersey FZ
    Castelli Aero Race 4.1 Solid Jersey FZ
  2. Castelli Free AR 4.1 Jersey FZ
    Castelli Free AR 4.1 Jersey FZ
  3. Assos SS GCN Pro Training Jersey
    Assos SS GCN Pro Training Jersey
  4. Assos SS.jersey USA Cycling
    Assos SS.jersey USA Cycling
  5. Castelli Flusso Jersey FZ
    Castelli Flusso Jersey FZ
  6. Assos SS ForToni
    Assos SS ForToni
  7. Assos SS.grandprixJersey_evo8
    Assos SS.grandprixJersey_evo8
  8. Castelli Entrata 3 Jersey FZ
    Castelli Entrata 3 Jersey FZ
  9. Castelli Prologo V LS jersey
    Castelli Prologo V LS jersey
  10. Assos SS.centoJersey_evo8
    Assos SS.centoJersey_evo8
  11. Castelli Climber's 2.0 Jersey
    Castelli Climber's 2.0 Jersey
  12. Castelli Future Racer Kid Jersey
    Castelli Future Racer Kid Jersey
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Men's Short Sleeve Cycling Jerseys: Tour Cycling offers short-sleeve cycling jerseys for men that are unsurpassed for fit, comfort and style. Our men's short sleeve cycling jerseys are made by the same companies that create the jerseys worn by world renowned teams. For the elite riders on these pro teams, the design of the jersey can mean winning or losing a race. At Tour Cycling, we recognize that the cut and fit of a cycling jersey and the type of fabric it is made of can help determine how you feel when you're on your bike, regardless of whether it's the weather you're battling or the competition. Our men's short sleeve and sleeveless jerseys have what you need to ride well and feel good on the bike. Tour Cycling carries short-sleeve cycling jerseys for men by great brand names like ASSOS, Castelli, Craft, Gore Bike Wear, Ale Bike Wear and Louis Garneau. All of these manufacturers make only quality cycling apparel. Some of the jerseys are famous for their breathability and ergonomic design. Aerodynamics is essential for the performance minded cyclist and so is weight. Our jerseys are light weight which can save you time on mountain climbs and aerodynamic which saves you time while going fast either in a breakaway or in a 40 k time trial. Our men's short-sleeve cycling jerseys have an outstanding reputation for breathability because they have high tech fabric like mesh inserts and ventilating areas based on a body-mapping system that identifies the body's microclimates. The engineers of the companies that produce our cycling jerseys have studied the athlete's body and made cycling jerseys that meet the needs of all cyclists. These high-tech fabrics that they've created can even block wind, rain or cold while the cycling garments still retain their breathability. Men's Long Sleeved Jerseys: Whether you're out battling the wind, speeding through corners, climbing mountains, or riding hard through the heat, Tour Cycling can offer you a men's short sleeve cycling jersey that best suits what you are going to face on the bike for the day. Whether you're a man or a woman, compact or curvy, Tour Cycling has a great selection of cycling jerseys for you to choose from. When the temperature drops, the key to staying comfortable is finding the right combination of clothing. The long sleeve cycling jerseys carried by Tour Cycling can be used alone on days you need just one layer or you can use them as a second layer. When the temperature starts to drop dramatically, you can slip into a Tour Cycling short sleeve jersey and layer it with a long sleeve one. With this combination you get double protection. Tour Cycling has a wide range of long sleeve jerseys that meet the demands of different weather conditions. The jerseys with windstopper fabric shield you from the breeze on a cool morning ride. Many of our jerseys are multi-layered so you get more protection. All of our jerseys have collars that are shaped to keep the wind out, so no cold air gets to your neck. Some jerseys have a full zipper so they are easy to get into and out of. Others have a short zipper which you can open up when your body heats up. Whichever long sleeve jersey you choose from one of our manufacturers -- Ale, Craft, Castelli, Gore Bike Wear, Ale Bike Wear or Louis Garneau, you are guaranteed a well-fitting jersey that's tailored to a man's body. This makes the cyclist aerodynamic, a must quality for the performance-minded rider. To top it off, all of our jerseys are made with a combination of fabrics that are designed to wick away sweat and keep you dry. They also allow air to flow over your skin so your skin breathes but miraculously you still stay warm. The challenge of riding in the winter months is staying comfortable and being fully functional so you can push your muscles and stress your lungs. Tour Cycling offers you the right cycling jersey you need so you can perform in comfort.