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per page has a variety of Tifosi Sunglasses available for immediate order. No matter the course, no matter the weather, Tifosi Optics Sunglasses can provide the protection needed in comfort, durability and style! The Tifosi Sunglasses offer interchangeable lenses that are shatterproof and they eliminate distortion to give sharp peripheral vision. They also offer 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays, rocks, bugs and any other flying debris. The lens is vented so you have increased airflow and your sunglasses don't fog. The lens exchange is fast and easy. Lens Colors and Light Transmission (L.T.) * Smoke with Glare Guard- 15.4% L.T. * Smoke with Blue Glare Guard- 15.4% L.T. * Smoke with Red Glare Guard- 15.4% L.T. * Smoke Bright Blue- 11.2% L.T. * AC Red- (all conditions red)- 41.4% L.T. * GT- (golf/tennis)-16.4% L.T. * EC- (extreme contrast)-39.1% L.T. * Brown with Glare Guard- 17.1% L.T. * Smoke Gradient- 13.4% L.T. * Brown Gradient- 14.2% L.T. * Clear- 95.6% L.T. * Yellow- 86.8% L.T.