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  1. Sidi WIRE 2 CARBON AIR WOMEN  Cycling Shoe
    Sidi WIRE 2 CARBON AIR WOMEN Cycling Shoe
    As low as $499.99 $369.99
  2. Sidi GENIUS-10  WOMEN
    Sidi GENIUS-10 WOMEN
    As low as $324.99 $240.49
  3. Sidi TRACE-2 WOMENS
    As low as $249.99 $184.99
  4. Sidi T-4 Air Carbon - Women's
    Sidi T-4 Air Carbon - Women's
    As low as $249.99 $184.99
  5. Sidi ALBA-2 WOMENS
    Sidi ALBA-2 WOMENS
    As low as $249.99 $184.99
  6. Sidi DOMINATOR 7 WOMENS SR Cycling Shoe
    Sidi DOMINATOR 7 WOMENS SR Cycling Shoe
    As low as $269.99 $135.00
  7. Sidi GENIUS 7 WOMENS Cycling Shoe
    Sidi GENIUS 7 WOMENS Cycling Shoe
    As low as $269.99 $135.00
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Cycling Shoes- Women: SIDI is known for the stiffness of their cycling shoes. The carbon light soles are the basis for the world re-known stiffness which makes the best medium of power transfer from shoe to pedal to bike. Tour Cycling offers the female road cyclist, mountain biker and tri-athlete the the complete cycling shoe that fits the specific demands of her sport. Made with a smaller, narrower shoe, SIDI shoes for women are shaped for a woman's lower-volume foot and proportionately narrow heel. Not only does this perfect fit mean comfort, it also means that there is a more direct transfer of power so the woman cyclist whose focus is to perform her best will get the most out of Tour Cycling's SIDI shoes. The Soft Instep Closure System relieves the pressure on the inner side of your foot so that on those long rides your feet stay comfortable. The mesh panels also keep you comfortable because they manage moisture so your foot stays dry. Many of our shoes have a High Security Velcro fastener which secures your foot in the shoe. This fastener also allows you to make precise adjustments while on your bike so your foot fits in the shoe perfectly. The Adjustment Heel Retention Device secures your heel in the cycling shoe. This is another factor that adds to the kind of fit SIDI has perfected over the years so that the top racers in the world can perform at their best. You too can have the same opportunity given to the best cyclists in the world when you ride in SIDI cycling shoes.