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✔ The MILLENIUM 4 CARBON COMPOSITE SOLE is injected molded carbon fiber in a matrix of nylon that creates a significantly lighter and stiffer sole that is less susceptible to changes because of aging or prolonged usage.
✔ POLITEX MATERIAL is constructed of several overlapping layers with different physical and mechanical properties. This compacted PVC is then coupled to two fabrics (knitted fabric and felt) that is then film dyed for long lasting color retention. Politex offers strong resistance to rips, lacerations, stretching and fading. Politex is made in strict compliance with European regulations and is considered a “green” product.
✔ An upper Tecno 3 dial with hook-and-look strap fastening system.
✔ Soft Instep 3 system relieves foot-numbing pressure to instep.
✔ Heel cup helps secure your foot in place, reduces slipping.
At a more appealing price, the SIDI ALBA-2 Women’s cycling shoe provides a perfectly fitting shoe that maximizes the transfer of a woman’s power from leg into pedal. These shoes are designed for a female racer who wants to ride fast. The Millenium 4 Carbon Composite Sole combines carbon and nylon making it stiffer than a sole made only with nylon. These carbon composite soles direct a woman cyclist’s well trained leg power into the pedals for maximum acceleration; the ALBA-2 gives an advantage when battling it out in a field sprint or when attacking a speeding peloton. By injecting molded carbon fiber into a matrix of nylon, maximum stiffness is offered in a lighter sole. Weight is sheared off; you’ll love the ALBA-2 on a climb. The upper is made of SIDI’s Politex Material that combines a series of overlapping thin layers. The design compounds the shoe’s strength and makes it more durable. The layered materials are coupled with compacted PVC creating a rugged pair of cycling shoes with a long life. The material also resists rips and stretching and the color design won’t fade easily. The material’s excellent breathability keeps a woman rider’s feet cool and dry in fast summer criteriums and longer endurance winter rides. The Tecno-3 retention system has micro-adjustable widgets which adapt the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit. While riding your bike you can easily tighten or loosen the two hook-and-loop straps near the front of the foot. As you ride, feet can swell or loose water so being able to bend over and quickly perfect the fit is an advantage. The quick, easy adjustment is thanks to non-binding wire material. An anti-slip toe insert and replaceable polyurethane heel pad add to the durability and improve walkability. After a ride, you can comfortably stroll into a coffee shop for a post ride social gathering or walk your bike to your car after a race. In case of wear, the heel pads, attached by a recessed screw, are easily replaceable and so are the buckles; these are additional features that ensure a long cycling shoe life. The Sidi Alba 2 road shoes are compatible with all 3-hole road cleats and pedals and utilize Look's Memory Eyelets for easy cleat alignment and replacement down the road.