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  1. ASSOS summerSocks skinweb
    ASSOS summerSocks skinweb
    As low as $21.99 $8.80
  2. ASSOS Ff1Sock_evo7
    ASSOS Ff1Sock_evo7
    As low as $21.00 $8.40
  3. ASSOS rainGloves_s7
    ASSOS rainGloves_s7
    As low as $88.99 $35.60
  4. Assos roboFoil
    Assos roboFoil
    As low as $39.00 $15.60
  5. ASSOS fuguCap_s7
    ASSOS fuguCap_s7
    As low as $59.00 $23.60
  6. ASSOS Millesock_Evo7 (2 Pairs)
    ASSOS Millesock_Evo7 (2 Pairs)
    As low as $29.00 $11.60
  7. ASSOS stingerCap 607
    ASSOS stingerCap 607
    As low as $69.00 $27.60
  8. ASSOS intermediateHeadband_s7
    ASSOS intermediateHeadband_s7
    As low as $44.99 $18.00
  9. ASSOS T.equipe_s7 Bib Shorts
    ASSOS T.equipe_s7 Bib Shorts
    As low as $219.00 $131.40
  10. ASSOS earlyWinterInteractive longSleeve
    ASSOS earlyWinterInteractive longSleeve
    As low as $169.99 $68.00
  11. ASSOS habuSock_evo7
    ASSOS habuSock_evo7
    As low as $25.00 $10.00
  12. ASSOS yankeeSocks_G1
    ASSOS yankeeSocks_G1
    As low as $23.99 $9.60
  13. ASSOS equipeSocks_G1
    ASSOS equipeSocks_G1
    As low as $23.99 $9.60
  14. ASSOS SS.corporate_s7 Jersey
    ASSOS SS.corporate_s7 Jersey
    As low as $209.00 $83.60
  15. ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_s5 Bib Tight - no insert
    ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_s5 Bib Tight - no insert
    As low as $309.00 $123.60
  16. Assos tiburuSocks_evo8 - pack of 2 pairs
    Assos tiburuSocks_evo8 - pack of 2 pairs
    As low as $39.00 $15.60
  17. ASSOS earlyWinterSocks_s7
    ASSOS earlyWinterSocks_s7
    As low as $29.99 $12.00
  18. ASSOS bonkaSock_evo7
    ASSOS bonkaSock_evo7
    As low as $29.00 $11.60
  19. ASSOS summerSocks Mille high
    ASSOS summerSocks Mille high
    As low as $23.99 $9.60
  20. ASSOS intermediateSocks_s7
    ASSOS intermediateSocks_s7
    As low as $23.99 $9.60
  21. ASSOS summerSocks Mille
    ASSOS summerSocks Mille
    As low as $21.99 $8.80
  22. Assos centoSocks_evo8
    Assos centoSocks_evo8
    As low as $19.00 $7.60
  23. ASSOS iJ.haBu.5 Jacket
    ASSOS iJ.haBu.5 Jacket
    As low as $379.00 $151.60
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ASSOS products are considered by many world champions to be the most aerodynamic and comfortable of cycling clothes. The Swiss company is renowned for designs that mirror the on-bike body position of the rider, whether male or female, or engaged in track, road or mountain biking. Cycling apparel made by ASSOS uses combinations of highly technical fabrics to ensure a lightweight, breathable and compressive garment that helps the cyclist achieve his or her goals or exceed them. And comfort is always a prime consideration, as exemplified by the ASSOS chamois pad and the company's various lines of cycling clothing and accessories appropriate for any season of the year, and a range of weather conditions and temperatures. Witness the exploits of top-level international competitors like Nino Schurter who received a Gold Medal at the recent Rio Olympics. He also won the men's cross-country World Championship wearing durable ASSOS clothing that supported his body as he maneuvered his bike over the rough terrain of a world-level cross country course. This Swiss racer also won the overall UCI World Cup racing throughout the season in ASSOS cycling clothes. Likewise, another Swiss, Stefan Kung, currently riding with the BMC Racing Team, won the 2015 Individual Pursuit World Championship on the track wearing ASSOS cycling clothing. What makes ASSOS cycling clothes the first choice of these and so many other professional cyclists? To start with, the clothes are handmade by seamstresses trained to meet ASSOS's exacting standards of excellence for its cycling apparel. Second, a selection of fabrics with various technical advantages that are used in the right combinations to create outstanding clothes whether they are bib shorts, jerseys and tights, or arm warmers, jackets and speed suits. And finally, what the company is perhaps most famous for, ASSOS's continuous research activities, particularly through wind-tunnel testing and working with the pros. This research has resulted in the development of cycling apparel that is aerodynamic, compressive, comfortable, and both low weight and low volume; the qualities that help riders deliver a superior performance. Tour Cycling offers ASSOS base layers, long sleeve jerseys and jackets, any of which can be worn in combination to provide complete protection from cold, wet weather without sacrificing a racer's ability to ride with the all-out effort needed to win a road or mountain bike race.