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Tights & Knickers

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  1. Assos Habutightsmille_S7
    Assos Habutightsmille_S7
  2. Assos LL.habu Tights s7
    Assos LL.habu Tights s7
  3. Assos LL.habuTights_s7_no Pad
    Assos LL.habuTights_s7_no Pad
  4. Assos LL.mille Tights s7
    Assos LL.mille Tights s7
  5. Assos tiburuKnickersMille_s7
    Assos tiburuKnickersMille_s7
  6. Assos hK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 Lady
    Assos hK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 Lady
  7. Assos habuTightsLaalalai_s7
    Assos habuTightsLaalalai_s7
  8. Assos LL.bonka Tights s7
    Assos LL.bonka Tights s7
  9. Assos HL.tiburuTights_s7 Lady
    Assos HL.tiburuTights_s7 Lady
  10. ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_s5 Bib Tight - no insert
    ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_s5 Bib Tight - no insert
  11. ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_S5 Tights
    ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_S5 Tights
  12. ASSOS LL.Uno_s5 Bib Tights
    ASSOS LL.Uno_s5 Bib Tights
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In the cold winter months, all the inches of your riding body need to be insulated so your body heat stays in and the cold is blocked out. ASSOS has applied its advanced technology to the design of its ASSOS tights and knickers so that your body heat is maintained while also allowing air to circulate so your skin can breathe. Mesh inserts in the back maximize ventilation and stretch. Made with multiple panels, the tights fit every inch of your body with no extra material flapping around. This fit also means you ride in aerodynamic cycling tights. In ASSOS tights, you are ready to ride fast. Performance is also designed into the compression spandex which supports your muscles and helps to circulate your blood. In the ASSOS cycling tights, your recovery is enhanced so you can continue to feel warm and good when you are riding hard.