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Road Shoes

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  1. Sidi GENIUS-10  WOMEN
    Sidi GENIUS-10 WOMEN
    As low as $324.99 $292.49
  2. Louis Garneau Klondike M4 Shoes
    Louis Garneau Klondike M4 Shoes
    As low as $369.99
  3. Sidi ALBA-2 WOMENS
    Sidi ALBA-2 WOMENS
    As low as $249.99 $224.99
  4. Sidi WIRE 2 CARBON AIR WOMEN  Cycling Shoe
    Sidi WIRE 2 CARBON AIR WOMEN Cycling Shoe
    As low as $499.99 $449.99
  5. Sidi GENIUS 7 WOMENS Cycling Shoe
    Sidi GENIUS 7 WOMENS Cycling Shoe
    As low as $269.99 $135.00
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Power goes from the legs into the pedals through the cycling shoes. Leg power is what moves the bike forward. Picking the right shoe can make a one or two mile per hour difference when riding a bike. Security is another feature that must not be overlooked. Tour Cycling carries the best cycling shoes available to women cyclists. For 50 years, SIDI has been designing cycling shoes for the racer. The demand for faster, lighter and more comfortable shoes by winning racers has pushed SIDI to bring in top engineers to find the right balance between speed and comfort. The SIDI Drako women’s shoe is SIDI’s top women’s cycling shoe. The Drako is designed to fit the contours of a woman’s foot which is narrower at the ball of the foot than that of a man’s foot. By creating a perfect fit, power is more directly transferred into the pedal and comfort is guaranteed. The Tecno-3 Push can be dialed into a perfect fit through just one adjustment. The Tecno-3 Push and other features such as adjustable heel retention device let a woman fine tune the fit so she feels comfortable and she rides fast. The SIDI Wire Vent Carbon Push Women’s Shoe has the same features as the DRAKO but the Vent Carbon Sole can be opened or closed depending on whether a woman is riding in the summer and needs more air to cool down her foot or whether she rides in the winter and needs more insulation. The Drako and Wire Vent have a ratchet that adjusts the entire fit of the shoe. On the other end of the closure design are the FIVE and Genius that have a buckle at the top of the shoe and two Velcro straps beneath it. These shoes are secure but at a more modest price. Despite the differences in closure features, the FIVE and Genius still have the classic SIDI stiff sole and women’s specific design.