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  1. Castelli A/C 2 Cycling Cap
    Castelli A/C 2 Cycling Cap
    As low as $21.99 $16.49
  2. ASSOS stingerCap 607
    ASSOS stingerCap 607
    As low as $69.00
  3. Castelli Estremo WS Cap
    Castelli Estremo WS Cap
    As low as $59.99 $44.99
  4. Sportful Checkmate Cycling Cap
    Sportful Checkmate Cycling Cap
    As low as $40.00
  5. Sportful Supergiara Cycling Cap
    Sportful Supergiara Cycling Cap
    As low as $40.00
  6. Castelli Difesa 2 Cap
    Castelli Difesa 2 Cap
    As low as $49.99 $37.49
  7. Castelli Pro Thermal Cap
    Castelli Pro Thermal Cap
    As low as $49.99 $37.49
  8. Louis Garneau Matrix 2.0 Balaclava
    Louis Garneau Matrix 2.0 Balaclava
    As low as $34.99
  9. Castelli Thermo Skully
    Castelli Thermo Skully
    As low as $29.99 $22.49
  10. Castelli Rosso Corsa Cap
    Castelli Rosso Corsa Cap
    As low as $29.99 $22.49
  11. Castelli Classic Cap
    Castelli Classic Cap
    As low as $29.99 $22.49
  12. Castelli Como Neck Warmer
    Castelli Como Neck Warmer
    As low as $24.99 $18.74
  13. Castelli Summer Skullcap
    Castelli Summer Skullcap
    As low as $24.99 $18.74
  14. Castelli Summer Headband
    Castelli Summer Headband
    As low as $21.99 $16.49
  15. Castelli Free Cycling Cap
    Castelli Free Cycling Cap
    As low as $19.99 $15.99
  16. Castelli Pro Thermal Headband
    Castelli Pro Thermal Headband
    As low as $14.99 $11.24
  17. Sportful Fiandre No Rain Cap
    Sportful Fiandre No Rain Cap
    As low as $75.00
  18. Sportful Waterproof Overhelmet
    Sportful Waterproof Overhelmet
    As low as $75.00
  19. Louis Garneau Winter Cap
    Louis Garneau Winter Cap
    As low as $39.99
  20. Louis Garneau Winter Skull Cap
    Louis Garneau Winter Skull Cap
    As low as $34.99
  21. Louis Garneau Wind Headband
    Louis Garneau Wind Headband
    As low as $34.99
  22. Sportful Air Protection Headband
    Sportful Air Protection Headband
    As low as $30.00
  23. Sportful Matchy Cap
    Sportful Matchy Cap
    As low as $30.00
  24. Sportful Matchy Neckwarmer
    Sportful Matchy Neckwarmer
    As low as $30.00
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Men's Cycling Caps, Hats, and Headbands: Whether it's for style, comfort or extreme necessity, Tour Cycling offers the men's cycling cap, hat, or headband you need. In the summertime, our men's cycling headbands can absorb the sweat that would normally trickle down your face and obscure your vision. Our men's cycling caps protect your head from the rays of the sun that beam down through the openings in your helmet in the summer. Our men's cycling hats are also designed to allow air to flow through so you stay cool. Winter cycling caps maintain your body heat so you stay warm on those cool morning rides. Our full face protectors and balaclavas for men cover the face, neck and head of cyclists who live and train in very cold weather. The winter caps we carry also block that chilling wind so you have extra protection. Besides the protection they offer, these cycling caps are also seamless and soft against your skin so you feel comfortable on long rides in the cold. Tour Cycling also offers cycling caps that you can wear while off the bike or on the podium. We carry only men's cycling caps made by the top manufacturers of cycling apparel.