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ASSOS Bib Shorts: The ASSOS s7 line has been made with new fabrics that fit your body perfectly with now fewer panels. ASSOS eliminated some of the panels from the s5 line so that racers have less areas of friction as they take on those long, excruciatingly hard rides and races. In 2016, Tour Cycling offers five performance bib shorts that have comfort features and aerodynamic advantages unmatched by any other manufacturer. Each race fit bib short has slightly different features that provide exactly what a racer is looking for. Tour Cycling also offers a top end pair of mountain bike ASSOS bib shorts. The ASSOS T.tiburu_s7 Bib Shorts are ASSOS; performance road bib shorts for cooler days. The bib shorts are a little heavier so they can be combined with ASSOS cycling tights and a jacket so the rider stays warm in cooler weather. ASSOS incorporated more features to protect against the chilly wind encountered on chilly days. The panels over the crotch and abdomen areas are made with wind-blocking fabric, adding onto the protective features of the bib shorts. They have an all-around breathability so when worn with just a jersey, the rider stays cool on moderately warmer days. These bib shorts are for the racer who needs the right bib shorts for multi-season racing. The ASSOS T.campionissimo_s7 cycling bib shorts has been designed to be raced in on the most competitive part of the year—the warmer spring, fall and summer months. The T.campionissimo are ASSOS's fastest and most comfortable bib shorts. In the construction, ASSOS used the Type A.444 ergoKompressor, a woven fabric that compresses like spandex but with a softer hand. After you slowly pull the shorts over your legs, slip your upper body into the bib shorts and then lean over your bike onto your handlebars, you'll feel an incredibly soft material that fits perfectly. The bib shorts compress your legs without constricting your movement and they allow your skin to breathe and stay cool and dry when you start to ride hard and sweat. The aerodynamic design is combined with superlight fabric, providing the racer an advantage when he rides up to the start line. Bike racers sacrifice many areas of their lives so they can train intelligently to win races. In the sport of cycling, aerodynamics must be included in the design of every piece of equipment and apparel. Adding to the need of paying attention to aerodynamic advantages, bike racers are required to repeat hard efforts over and over again. The T.campionissimo bib shorts give a racer that extra edge needed to finish the line in front of the rest of the riders in the peloton, all who fight for the win. The ASSOS T.equipe_s7 bib shorts are ASSOS 's more affordable pair of racing bib shorts. Although more moderately priced than the T.campiionissimo-s7, the T.equipe bib shorts still have all the qualities required for a rider to successfully race hard in hot weather. The Type.439 fabric is used in the lightweight, five panels of fabric. While not as compressive as the fabric used in the T.campionissimo, the fabric used in the T,equipe has a light compression and it quickly absorbs sweat to send it out and keep the rider cool and dry. Cooling is further enhanced in the shorts with ASSOS's IceColor application which effectively reduces surface temperature in dark material. For the rider who still wants to perform but is looking for a regular fit, the ASSOS T.neoPro_s7 cycling bib shorts will fit your needs. Made with fewer panels and therefore fewer seams, these ASSOS's bib shorts are exceptionally comfortable. The ASSOS T.cento_s7 cycling Bib Shorts are made with the same fabric as the T-equipe_s7 but with ASSOS's comfort fit that uses less compression in the waist and abdominal areas. This design accommodates more body types and it provides a more comfortable fit for those ultra-long distances. In all its shorts, ASSOS chamois padding has a four-way stretch and a three-layered cover sheet with a very breathable waffled middle layer. Under the cover sheet are memory pads. The front attachment points of the chamois are moved outward which reduces friction in the groin area. ASSOS's chamois pad has been designed after years of extensive study of what top end racers experience while out on the race course for hours. The ASSOS chamois pad protects without getting in the way of riding hard and fast. The ASSOS T.rallyShorts_s7 is the mountain bike version of the ASSOS T.campionissimo_s7 cycling bib shorts. The T.rally also uses a woven fabric which provides an exceptionally compressive pair of mountain bike shorts. The differences in the T.rally are a seat pad that is placed a little further back for the more upright position on the mountain bike and the material is a little more heavyweight to accommodate the rigors of riding off road. Another feature helping the mountain biker to handle the abrasion and crashes of riding on trails is the removable thigh padding. ASSOS Cycling Shorts: ASSOS cycling shorts contour to your body without the restriction of bibs. The waist of the shorts is made with no pressure elastic so they fit without chafing your waist. The spandex in the shorts is designed with ASSOS's Elastic Interface Technology which has placed an elastic short insert into the shorts. The insert expands and contracts with every pedal stroke. Your ASSOS cycling shorts follow your movement, causing less friction and irritation. In this design there is also no bunching of material, no wind drag, no snagging. Stitched into shorts are 6 panels with an Advanced Aerodynamic Pattern Design. Aerodynamics and compression are incorporated into this design. Muscle compression reduces fatigue and allows you to ride longer and feel good. Your performance is enhanced when you wear ASSOS cycling shorts.