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  1. Assos tiburuJacketLaalalai
    Assos tiburuJacketLaalalai
  2. Assos SchlossHundEquipe RS
    Assos SchlossHundEquipe RS
  3. Assos rS.sturmPrinz EVO - Shell
    Assos rS.sturmPrinz EVO - Shell
  4. Assos habuJacketLaalalai
    Assos habuJacketLaalalai
  5. Assos FelpaJack
    Assos FelpaJack
  6. Assos bonkaJacketLaalalai
    Assos bonkaJacketLaalalai
  7. Assos blitzJacketMilleGT
    Assos blitzJacketMilleGT
  8. ASSOS iJ.haBu.5 Jacket
    ASSOS iJ.haBu.5 Jacket
  9. ASSOS iJ.shaqUno - Jacket
    ASSOS iJ.shaqUno - Jacket
  10. ASSOS sV.blitzFeder - Shell
    ASSOS sV.blitzFeder - Shell
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ASSOS Winter Jackets guard from cold, windy days with minimum volume and construction specifically for the cyclist as he/she is leaned over on the bike. The winter jackets protect, while performance is not inhibited with bulky unnecessary material. Each jacket has protection against different levels of cold weather. ASSOS fuguJack has the highest level of protection for cold weather riding in temperatures between 21 and 42 F (-6 degrees and + 6 degrees C). The high collar with incorporated face mask and Airblock 851 fabric provide you with total wind protection. ASSOS iJ.bonKa.6 is ideally used as a second layer in cold winter riding conditions, above 32 degrees. The iJ.bonKa.6 operates best when used in combination with the next-to-skin ASSOS interactive body insulators. The Swiss Cycling Federation has been using the ASSOS iJ.shaqUno for more than a decade. It has the same protection as the iJ.bonka.6 (above 32 degrees F). It's an all-around jacket. The ASSOS iJ.pompaDour_s7 Ladies' Jacket is the ladies version of the iJ.bonka.6 and is good for the woman who is pushing her body on the bike in temperatures above 32 degrees F. The ASSOS iJ.tiburu.4 can be used by itself in the early spring or when the temperatures drop in the fall or a second layer. It is the most affordable of all the ASSOS cycling jackets.