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When you are riding your bike, no matter how low lit, you always need to protect your eyes. Sun, rain, wind and debris can all damage your delicate vision. We offer both ASSOS and Tifosi sunglasses designed specifically for the cyclist who moves around on his bike and needs glasses that will stay in place. The glasses with clear lenses provide a smooth surface for air to flow over your eyes. While the sunglasses block out any wind from intruding into your comfort zone, the sunglasses lie comfortably over your face without ever rubbing against your skin. We have lenses that have just enough shade over them to give you enough protection on low lit early morning or evening rides. The lenses have a design which actually sharpens what you are seeing. They also do not distort your vision and offer excellent depth perception. You will always have clear vision as you are riding your bike fast. Glasses with dark lenses completely block out those unwanted UV rays. Our glasses are exceptionally light while they stay in place on your face whether you are riding on the road, sprinting, climbing, time trialing or jumping over logs on the trail. They do not bend or break and have excellent resistance to wear from the sun, wind and the rain.