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Tights & Knickers

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  1. Castelli Nano Flex Pro 2 W Bibtight
    Castelli Nano Flex Pro 2 W Bibtight
  2. Assos hK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 Lady
    Assos hK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 Lady
  3. Castelli Vista Knicker
    Castelli Vista Knicker
    $75.99 $94.99
  4. Castelli Alba Knicker
    Castelli Alba Knicker
    $87.99 $109.99
  5. Castelli Sorpasso Women's Tight
    Castelli Sorpasso Women's Tight
    $119.99 $149.99
  6. Castelli Sorpasso Women's Bibtight
    Castelli Sorpasso Women's Bibtight
    $127.99 $159.99
  7. Castelli Chic Bibtight - Womens
    Castelli Chic Bibtight - Womens
  8. Castelli Chic Knicker - Womens
    Castelli Chic Knicker - Womens
  9. Castelli Chic Tight - Womens
    Castelli Chic Tight - Womens
  10. Castelli Nanoflex Donna Bibtight
    Castelli Nanoflex Donna Bibtight
    $111.99 $139.99
  11. Castelli Cromo Knicker - Women's
    Castelli Cromo Knicker - Women's
    $76.99 $109.99
  12. Castelli Cromo Tight - Women's
    Castelli Cromo Tight - Women's
    $76.99 $109.99
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Cycling Tights for Women: With or without chamois, Tour Cycling's women's cycling tights and knickers are an excellent addition to your winter cycling apparel. Because they're made with insulating fabrics, your body heat is maintained in cold weather that keeps most cyclists off the road. The material in our cycling tights for women is also designed to mold to the contours of a woman's body. A perfect fit is what you'll get when you slip into our women's cycling tights and women's cycling knickers made by top cycling apparel manufacturers ASSOS, Castelli, Craft, Gore, Ale Bike Wear and Louis Garneau. Designed also to block wind and absorb and evaporate sweat, you have all the elements you need to stay warm on those cold training rides.