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ASSOS Cycling Gloves: Gloves are a must when you ride your bike whether it is in the summer, the winter, in a race or on a short casual ride. ASSOS cycling gloves protect your hands in multiple ways. The padding absorbs the vibration of the road and the surface of the padding gives you a grip on your handlebars. Without this padding, your hands can go numb. Without the grip, the sweat that accumulates on your hands would cause them to slip, a factor you don't need while you're riding your bike. Good gloves are also made with a material that can absorb sweat and evaporate it. ASSOS gloves do all of these things. ASSOS biking gloves have been designed to handle the demands that training and racing in all climates make on your hands. ASSOS gloves protect while still maintaining the need to perform without restriction of bulky cycling apparel. While on the bike, your hands also need further protection from the weather. ASSOS offers cycling gloves for days that are just slightly chilly to days with frigid weather and temperatures in between. The ASSOS Glove Layering System (ALS) is based on the idea that layering your cycling apparel enhances comfort and functionality. With the same concept as a base layer, ASSOS inner gloves are made to be worn under your main gloves. The inner layer is soft and it absorbs your sweat so your hands stay dry. As a second layer, it also circulates air so your hands don't suffocate. The ASSOS early winter gloves cut the chill by blocking the wind and having a light insulating layer that keeps your hands warm. They are also anatomically shaped so they wrap around your fingers and hands perfectly so you lose no functionality. You can still shift, brake and steer through corners with no interference of your gloves. ASSOS biking gloves are about performance. For colder winter rides and races, ASSOS offers thicker gloves that also allow you full use of your hands and fingers -- no loss of functionality. For frigid days they even offer lobster gloves with three fingers. You can use the inner layer or early winter gloves under the ASSOS lobster gloves and ride comfortably in sub-freezing weather.