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The Astute saddle is the only saddle with a full carbon anti-vibration twin shell construction combined with shock absorber technology which both absorbs road vibration and makes a stiffer construction. This combination offers very comfortable saddles for on and off-road rides and races as well as saddles that efficiently transfer leg power into the pedals. While comfort and speed are provided in all the Astute saddles, each Astute saddle has its own specific purpose. The Astute are divided into saddles that provide performance and comfort for different body types on the road, off road and triathlons. Astute Seats for the Male Road Racer: The Astute Moon VT Luxury is a top end road cycling seat using the latest technology to ensure a road racer is comfortable on those long rides that have spikes of high intensity intervals. The Moon VT 3.0 PILARGA is designed to provide comfort on endurance rides for a cyclist with wider sit bones. The Astute Moon VT Racing is a comfortable, lean race level road cycling seat using the latest cycling seat technology to ensure a road racer is fast and comfortable. The Astute Skycarb 3.0 VT Carbon/Carbon cycling seat is a lightweight racing seat designed for the cyclist who wants to be comfortable yet fast. The SKY LINE VT 3.0 PILARGA road seat is for the long distance cyclist. The features in the Astute Skylite 3.0 VT Nylon/Carbon provide a very comfortable saddle for longer races that require a race level, lightweight cycling seat so no speed is compromised. The Astute Skylite 1-Prof VT Nylon/Carbon was the first high-tech smart saddle on the market designed for road racing. Astute Skylite Pilagra 3.0 VT Nylon/Titanium is designed to provide comfort for performance minded road riders with larger sit bones. The Astute Sunline SR Nylon/Titanium is a road cyclist’s aerodynamic single shell cycling seat that focuses on comfort. The Astute Starline VT Nylon/Titanium keeps a road racer comfortable and ready for speed on short, fast races. The Astute Starline Pilagra VT is a saddle for the road racer with wider hip bones. The Astute Starlite VT is a lightweight saddle for the road racer looking to reduce bike weight. The Astute Starlite 1-Prof VT Nylon/Carbon is a comfortable saddle for the long distance road racer. The Astute Starlite Pilagra VT Nylon/Carbon is a comfortable saddle for the long distance road racer with wider hip bones. Astute Seats for the Female Road Racer: The Astute Ms. Lite VT Nylon/Carbon is an elegant, fast woman’s road cycling seat painted with Italian Craftsmanship. The Astute Ms. Line VT Nylon/Titanium is designed for a woman cyclist who likes her long rides. Astute Seats for the Off Road Racer: Astute Mudline VT Nylon/Titanium is an off road cycling seat designed for ultra-endurance and downhill racing. Astute Mudlite VT Nylon/Carbon is a cycling seat designed for high intensity off road riding where technique and speed are required to win a race. The Skyline Taca VT Nylon/Titanium seat is for the hard core off road rider who wants comfort as he takes on cross country courses over rock and gravel as well as cyclo-cross races. The Skylite Taca VT Nylon/Carbon has been designed to protect a mountain biker from the bumps of cross country and cyclocross races. Astute Seats for the Triathlete The Astute Sealite VT Nylon/Carbon tri-seat was designed so a triathlete stays comfortable in the time trial position.