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Cycling Sun Glasses for Women: Sun is inevitable when you ride your bicycle. There are things you can do to protect yourself from the damage UV rays can do to your skin. For your eyes, Tour Cycling offers cycling sunglasses for women that have high resistance to UV rays as well as protecting from all the muck that flies up from the road. Designed to cover your eyes so nothing intrudes on your vision, you are protected in rain and snow and over cobbles and when descending mountains. Our cycling glasses for women fit the contours of your face and fit securely with rubber nose and ear pieces. The right fit keeps the sunglasses in place no matter how deep you are tucked into the bike and how fast you are riding. We offer different shades for different weather patterns as well as lenses that adjust to the brightness of the sky. Our women's cycling sunglasses are also ventilated so they don't fog up. Your vision is always clear. We carry Tifosi glasses which are known for use by performance athletes.