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  1. Castelli Competizione Bibshort
    Castelli Competizione Bibshort
    As low as $139.99
  2. Castelli Entrata Bibshort
    Castelli Entrata Bibshort
    As low as $109.99
  3. Castelli Endurance 3 Short
    Castelli Endurance 3 Short
    As low as $139.99
  4. Castelli Competizione Short
    Castelli Competizione Short
    As low as $119.99
  5. Castelli Superleggera Bibshort
    Castelli Superleggera Bibshort
    As low as $239.99
  6. Castelli Tutto Nano Bibshort
    Castelli Tutto Nano Bibshort
    As low as $149.99
  7. Castelli Entrata Short
    Castelli Entrata Short
    As low as $99.99
  8. Castelli Unlimited Ultimate Liner
    Castelli Unlimited Ultimate Liner
    As low as $169.99
  9. Castelli Unlimited Baggy Short
    Castelli Unlimited Baggy Short
    As low as $99.99
  10. Castelli Competizione Kit Bibshort
    Castelli Competizione Kit Bibshort
    As low as $139.99
  11. Castelli Nano Flex Pro Race Bibshort
    Castelli Nano Flex Pro Race Bibshort
    As low as $179.99
  12. Castelli Endurance W Short
    Castelli Endurance W Short
    As low as $139.99
  13. Castelli Free Unlimited W Bibshort
    Castelli Free Unlimited W Bibshort
    As low as $229.99
  14. Castelli Free Aero RC W Bibshort
    Castelli Free Aero RC W Bibshort
    As low as $219.99
  15. Castelli Endurance 3 Bibshort
    Castelli Endurance 3 Bibshort
    As low as $159.99
  16. Castelli Unlimited Cargo W Bibshort
    Castelli Unlimited Cargo W Bibshort
    As low as $149.99
  17. Castelli Free Aero RC Short
    Castelli Free Aero RC Short
    As low as $199.99
  18. Castelli Body Paint 4.x Speed Suit
    Castelli Body Paint 4.x Speed Suit
    As low as $259.99
  19. Castelli Unlimited TR.L Baggy
    Castelli Unlimited TR.L Baggy
    As low as $149.99
  20. Castelli Insider 2 Bibshort
    Castelli Insider 2 Bibshort
    As low as $149.99
  21. Castelli Jr Competizione Bibshort
    Castelli Jr Competizione Bibshort
    As low as $89.99
  22. Castelli Premio Black W Short
    Castelli Premio Black W Short
    As low as $269.99
  23. Castelli Free Unlimited Bibshort
    Castelli Free Unlimited Bibshort
    As low as $229.99
  24. Castelli Free Aero RC Bibshort
    Castelli Free Aero RC Bibshort
    As low as $219.99
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Castelli Bib Shorts: Cycling bib shorts are held up by two bibs while cycling shorts are held up by an elastic band. One of the advantages of bib shorts is the eradication of the waist which can pinch as you are leaned over in the bike position. The other advantage is not having to worry about the shorts being stretched to the point that your mid-section is exposed. For these reasons, pros and riders who like to ride long distances have favored bib shorts which are more comfortable on hard, long races and rides. One of the features that has discouraged especially female cyclists from wearing bib shorts is the difficulty to take a bathroom break. Castelli fixed this dilemma by creating a no-sew bonded reinforcement and a new SnapLock fastener so the female cyclist can open the bib for nature breaks Castelli has been at the forefront of bib short design. In 1977, they offered the first aerodynamic Lycra short and a little more than 10 years later, in 1988, they designed the first modern bib short. In 1999, Castelli modernized the first anatomic seat pad - the Y-cut seat pad. In 2007, the Giro leg band revolutionized the shorts at a time when all other shorts had a tight, thin, and uncomfortable gripper elastic. In 2009, Castelli reinvented the bib shorts with the Body Paint, a single piece of fabric that includes all the features needed for comfort into one seamless fabric. In 2016, Castelli has designed the latest in comfort and aerodynamics. The Mondiale Bib Short for women and the Endurance X2 Bib Short for men have been designed to make you comfortable on your longest training rides while the Free Aero Race Bib Short provides the most aerodynamic shorts for race day. The Veloccisimo Bib Short is Castelli's best-selling bib short that provides all a cyclist needs to stay comfortable on a ride or race. Castelli has also improved arguably the most important feature in bib shorts - the chamois seat pad. The Progetto X2 Air chamois which was already one of the most comfortable chamois pads available has been upgraded with an even softer fabric to cover the multi-density padding. The Progetto X2 Air Donna seat pad is the padding for Castelli's women's bib shorts. The Progetto padding is found in the Mondiale, Endurance and Free Aero Race Bib Shorts. The Kiss Air Seat pad incorporates many of the top features offered in the Progetto padding but at a more affordable price. The Kiss Air Seat Pad can be found in the Veloccisimo Bib Short. Castelli Shorts: Castelli's cycling shorts offer cyclists everything needed to maximize comfort and aerodynamics in a pair of shorts that supports the working body. In 2016, Castelli has upgraded some of its previous versions of shorts as well as introduced completely new designs. The Endurance X2 Short is made with Castelli's Endurance Evolution fabric that supports the muscles and feels dryer in almost all conditions. These cycling shorts keep you as comfortable as possible on your longest rides. The Velocissimo Short is constructed to fit the body perfectly in the riding position. This year they added the new Doppio waistband for extra stretch around the stomach area. The Mondiale Women's Short may look simple on the outside, but since it has been made with Castelli's new Cinquanta fabric, the shorts feel exceptionally soft while providing unmatched support. Castelli uses its best Progetto X2 seat pad in the Endurance X2 and Mondiale shorts. The Progetto padding is designed specifically for either the man's or woman's body so no chafing occurs even on long, challenging rides. The Velocissimo Short features Castelli's Kiss Air Seat pad which provides maximum comfort at a more affordable price.