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  1. ASSOS earlyWinterInteractive longSleeve
    ASSOS earlyWinterInteractive longSleeve
    As low as $169.99 $59.50
  2. ASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring Body Insulator
    ASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring Body Insulator
    As low as $108.99 $43.60
  3. ASSOS SS.skinFoil_Summer-Body Insulator
    ASSOS SS.skinFoil_Summer-Body Insulator
    As low as $108.99 $43.60
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ASSOS Base Layers: ASSOS base layer garments help to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Tour Cycling carries the ASSOS cycling base layer garments because of the complex technology ASSOS designers have woven into their base layers which ensures comfort on the bike. Items in the ASSOS base layer collection are seamless or the seams that are placed where they won't rub your skin. The Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design in the base layer compresses your skin which gives you an aerodynamic fit and it enhances your performance. ASSOS engineers have used different types of fabrics in these base layers for optimum fit, ventilation and comfort. Base layers intended for summer wear are short sleeve or sleeveless it's your choice depending on how much material you want covering your skin. The micro-fiber back panel on these garments allows air to circulate which keeps you cool and dry. Base layers for spring wear feature SPX.08 which absorbs your sweat and evaporates it. By keeping you dry this cycling apparel helps to maintain your body temperature within a healthy range. The winter base layers are long sleeved garments that use warm, thick SPC.07 fabric. While your skin can breathe, this fabric traps in your body heat so you stay warm on those very chilly winter rides.