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Shoe Covers

Castelli Shoe Covers: Castelli Cycling shoe covers can be used to shield from the wind so the winter chill won't settle into your feet. They can also be used to reduce air friction so you are aerodynamically fine-tuned for time trialing or just riding fast. At Tour Cycling we have a wide range of Castelli biking shoe covers to fit your needs. Our Castelli shoe covers are designed to block out the wind and the rain so you are set for comfort on those cold wet winter rides. We have toe covers for those days that there's just a snippet of chill and we have shoe covers that cover your entire foot and ankle on really cold days. Designed so no cold air can leak in, the gripper comfortably seals in your body warmth. The aero shoe covers for time trialing or road racing are cut high to the bottom of the calf with aero mesh inserts that help air separation. This design increases the aerodynamic quality of the Castelli biking shoe cover. Castelli's aero shoe covers, like the winter shoe covers, also have grippers that keep the air from seeping in but don't uncomfortably clinch your calves. The camlock zippers at the back are easy to open and close so you have no problem getting into and out of your shoe covers. Shop Castelli cycling shoe covers now!