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  1. Ale PRR 2.0 Short - Women's
    Ale PRR 2.0 Short - Women's
    As low as $136.99 $82.19
  2. Castelli Premio Black W Short
    Castelli Premio Black W Short
    As low as $269.99 $202.49
  3. Castelli Velocissima 2 Short
    Castelli Velocissima 2 Short
    As low as $119.99 $89.99
  4. Ale PRR Krakatoa Bib Short - Women's
    Ale PRR Krakatoa Bib Short - Women's
    As low as $149.99 $89.99
  5. Castelli Premio Black W Bibshort
    Castelli Premio Black W Bibshort
    As low as $299.99 $224.99
  6. Castelli Premio 2 W Bibshort
    Castelli Premio 2 W Bibshort
    As low as $279.99 $209.99
  7. Castelli Free Aero Race 4 W Bibshort 44
    Castelli Free Aero Race 4 W Bibshort 44
    As low as $199.99 $149.99
  8. Castelli Tutto Nano W Bibshort
    Castelli Tutto Nano W Bibshort
    As low as $139.99 $104.99
  9. Castelli Velocissima 2 Bibshort
    Castelli Velocissima 2 Bibshort
    As low as $139.99 $104.99
  10. Alé PRR Bermuda Bib Short - Women's
    Alé PRR Bermuda Bib Short - Women's
    As low as $154.99 $92.99
  11. Castelli Unlimited W Baggy Short
    Castelli Unlimited W Baggy Short
    As low as $99.99 $74.99
  12. Castelli Perla Women's Short
    Castelli Perla Women's Short
    As low as $79.99 $59.99
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Women's Cycling Bibshorts: Tour Cycling chose to carry women's cycling bib shorts from ASSOS, Castelli, Craft, Gore, Ale Bike Wear and Louis Garneau because these top manufacturers give you many options so you can find the women's bib short that fits the demands of your body and of your riding climate. Tour Cycling has the traditional bib shorts which have dominated the bib shorts design for many years. Moving with the time, Tour Cycling also offers bib shorts for women with a highly elastic panel in the front which gives an excellent fit and it may be the future bib-tights design. We also have bib shorts with full upper body coverage which gives more protection from the debris and the cold. We have women's bib shorts that cover you from top to bottom so you can tackle any cold winter day. Our manufacturers recognize that women have different bodies than men. They have specialized the cut and design of the bib short for the woman's body so it conforms to a narrower longer waist. The engineers have also cut the front in seam longer, one other difference in the woman's body. The one-piece knit, engineered, virtually seamless fabric compresses and hugs the woman's body so she feels comfortable and very aerodynamic. This is why Tour Cycling women's cycling bib shorts are for performance minded female cyclists who want a pair of cycling bib shorts that will give their bodies the needed support when riding hard and fast. Engineers have used a combination of complex fabrics so the shorts have amazing stretch, rebound, aerodynamics and a fit that ensures comfort. The shorts even have a breathable fabric that absorbs sweat and evaporates it. You stay dry and you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Just pick what you need and we have it. Because our bib shorts for women have only the most essential seams, you'll ride in a smooth pair of cycling bibs that hug your skin with no chafing. Many of our shorts have integrated leg grippers that keep the shorts in place without chafing your skin. The grippers even lie flat which adds to the aerodynamic design of our women's cycling bib shorts. This is another factor in the construction of this cycling apparel that equates with comfort. The chamois in bib shorts are also designed for comfort. Made with multi-layers, our bib shorts protect you without any extra bulk to get in the way of riding fast. Women's Cycling Shorts: Tour Cycling is offering women's cycling shorts for the women who want the high-quality construction of the top manufacturer's cycling apparel. Our manufacturers-- ASSOS, Castelli, Craft, Gore, Ale Bike Wear and Louis Garneau-- have designed their women's cycling shorts to the curves of a woman's body. The shorts design are for the many women who don't want bibs on their shorts because they make it more complicated for the woman when she has to stop for a bathroom break. The in-piece on the front has been cut so it is longer which conforms to the anatomy of the woman's body. On top of the specific woman's cut, the one piece knit engineering of the fabric and virtually seamless construction make Tour Cycling shorts for women the epitome of comfort. With a fit that compresses and hugs your skin as if they were painted on, these women's biking shorts are made for female cyclists who want to ride fast. Aero dimples in the material combined with Lycra that has amazing stretch and rebound qualities make our women's cycling shorts some of the most aerodynamic around. These shorts won't bunch up and snag on your bike seat. Because of the design of the leg grippers there is a smooth transition from cycling short to leg. This enhances the aerodynamic quality of the shorts. Air circulates through a breathable micro-fabric panel on the back of our versatile cycling shorts. This design keeps you dry and allows your skin to breathe. Comfort results not just from the fabric's ability to keep you cool, but also because of the smooth feel of the material against your skin no matter what position you are settled into on your bike. The chamois in the Tour Cycling women's biking short have all been tested through wind tunnels and in real road rides. Multi-layered, the chamois protect you where you need the protection the most, yet they don't bunch up in excess padding. You feel protected without even noticing a chamois.