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  1. Castelli Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket
    Castelli Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket
    As low as $249.99
  2. Castelli Perfetto Long Sleeve LE
    Castelli Perfetto Long Sleeve LE
    As low as $199.99 $149.99
  3. Castelli Mortirolo V Reflex Jacket
    Castelli Mortirolo V Reflex Jacket
    As low as $249.99
  4. Castelli Mortirolo V Jacket
    Castelli Mortirolo V Jacket
    As low as $239.99
  5. Castelli Mitico Jacket
    Castelli Mitico Jacket
    As low as $249.99 $187.49
  6. Castelli Gabba 3 LE
    Castelli Gabba 3 LE
    As low as $179.99 $134.99
  7. Castelli Elemento Lite Jacket
    Castelli Elemento Lite Jacket
    As low as $349.99
  8. Castelli Idro Pro Jacket
    Castelli Idro Pro Jacket
    As low as $379.99 $303.99
  9. Castelli Idro 2 Jacket
    Castelli Idro 2 Jacket
    As low as $299.99
  10. Castelli Dolomiti X-Lite Jacket
    Castelli Dolomiti X-Lite Jacket
    As low as $249.99 $199.99
  11. Castelli Mortirolo 4 Jacket
    Castelli Mortirolo 4 Jacket
    As low as $199.99 $159.99
  12. Castelli Perfetto Convertible Jacket
    Castelli Perfetto Convertible Jacket
    As low as $229.99
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Men's Cycling Jackets: Tour Cycling offers cycling jackets for men that protect from all the elements so the weather won't stop you from training and racing. Tour Cycling carries men's cycling jackets made by ASSOS, Castelli, Craft, Ale Bike Wear, Gore Bike Wear and Louis Garneau. Whether it's cool and damp, or rainy and windy, the cycling jacket is designed to keep the weather out so you can concentrate on the ride. Our biking jackets for men are made with high-tech fabrics so when it rains, the moisture is blocked out. When it is cold, your body warmth is maintained. When it's windy, the jackets act as a shield. To top it off, our jackets are made for the performance rider so they are super-lightweight. Our manufacturers can offer you the type of cycling jacket you need for protection from all the elements that scare away the fainter, less dedicated cyclists. On top of protection from the elements, the top engineers from our manufacturers have created aero-cycling jackets that hug your skin so you glide through the air with an aerodynamic feeling. Protection and performance go hand in hand in the Tour Cycling jackets for men. Fabric technology isn't the only advantage you'll have going for you when you ride in a Tour Cycling jacket. Each garment is designed to be ideal for an intended use. We have pro-level men's biking jackets you might want for a grueling race through the mountains, or solid performers that are perfect for your daily commute. Check them out here at Tour Cycling. And, of course, all our men's cycling jackets have that unmistakable, stylish look.