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Gore Bike Wear Jerseys If you’re looking for the right cycling jersey for a specific temperature and activity level, check out the line of Gore Bike Wear jerseys. From singlets to warm long-sleeve jerseys, the wide range of products offered by this manufacturer means you’re sure to find the exact qualities you need. When you buy a Gore bike jersey you’re buying a brand that’s famous for developing fabrics that athletes have come to depend on for comfort and performance. Gore jerseys are made using fabrics that accomplish two tasks superbly. The first is wicking moisture away from your body and out to the air. This aids with thermoregulation or, in plain English, keeping your body temperature within a healthy range. When you’re too cold, blood doesn’t circulate properly. Get too hot and well… you know what that can do to you on a summer ride! In either case, your level of performance drops, precisely what an athlete doesn’t want to happen. The second task that one Gore fabric is so good at is not letting a chilling wind strike your body. You’ve been in that situation. Out on a ride, feeling comfortable until the temperature starts dropping and a wind picks up out of nowhere. If you’re not wearing a Gore Bike Wear jersey made with Windstopper ™ fabric that cool wind could chill you to the bone. So, determine your needs (and wants!) and take a close look at what Gore Bike Wear has to offer in the way of cycling jerseys.
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