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Tour Cycling offers women's cycling clothing from the top cycling clothing companies in the world; Castelli, ASSOS, Louis Garneau, Gore Bike Wear, Sidi Apparel and Ale Bike Wear. These clothes are cut specifically for the female body so the woman cyclist is comfortable, beautiful and ready to perform on the bike. Tour Cycling also offers SIDI cycling shoes, Kask helmets, Tifosi sunglasses, Smith Optics - all specific to the needs and physiology of a woman's body. Most women's specific cycling gear will have a distinctive feminine cut. The jerseys are cut in at the waist and out at the chest. Since the small of a woman's back tapers to a narrower waist, women's shorts and bib shorts generally have a narrower waist/hip ratio. The shorts have smaller waistbands and a more tapered fit just above the hips. Another feature is the size of a woman's thighs which are generally larger than men's thighs so many companies design the clothing to have a wider leg diameter. Women also usually have longer waists than men so the front inseams are cut longer for women's shorts. One of the most important differences in the cycling clothing made for men and that made for women is the padding and seat area. Due to women's wider sit bones, a woman's chamois is going to be slightly wider and shorter than a man's chamois. Another feature that top companies have discovered are ways of making bib straps more comfortable against a woman's body and have redesigned the front bib straps to make a Y so one strap extends down the center of a woman's body instead of two straps pinching her chest. Tour Cycling offers a wide range of cycling clothing and apparel specifically for the woman cyclist.