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  1. Castelli Perfetto RoS 2 Vest
    Castelli Perfetto RoS 2 Vest
    As low as $199.99
  2. Castelli Aria Vest
    Castelli Aria Vest
    As low as $99.99
  3. Castelli Squadra Stretch Vest
    Castelli Squadra Stretch Vest
    As low as $59.99
  4. Castelli Perfetto RoS Light
    Castelli Perfetto RoS Light
    As low as $189.99 $132.99
  5. Castelli Pro Light W Wind Vest
    Castelli Pro Light W Wind Vest
    As low as $99.99
  6. Castelli Velo Women's Vest
    Castelli Velo Women's Vest
    As low as $79.99 $55.99
  7. Castelli Elemento Lite Vest
    Castelli Elemento Lite Vest
    As low as $299.99
  8. Castelli Perfetto RoS Vest
    Castelli Perfetto RoS Vest
    As low as $179.99
  9. Castelli Perfetto RoS W Vest
    Castelli Perfetto RoS W Vest
    As low as $179.99
  10. Castelli Mortirolo Vest
    Castelli Mortirolo Vest
    As low as $169.99
  11. Castelli Perfetto Light RoS W
    Castelli Perfetto Light RoS W
    As low as $189.99 $132.99
  12. Castelli Aria W Vest
    Castelli Aria W Vest
    As low as $99.99
  13. Castelli Superleggera W Vest
    Castelli Superleggera W Vest
    As low as $79.99
  14. Castelli Superleggera Vest
    Castelli Superleggera Vest
    As low as $79.99
  15. Castelli Unlimited Puffy Vest
    Castelli Unlimited Puffy Vest
    As low as $249.99
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Castelli Vests: Wind and water protection are the two qualities that Castelli vests provide for dedicated cyclists. Did we mention lightweight and aerodynamic? Castelli cycling apparel is not only known for its protection qualities, but also for its design based off the needs of performance cyclists. Castelli vests are made with the windproof and water-resistant Windstopper X-Lite Plus fabric on the front and shoulders where the protection is needed the most. The vests are also packable and light. When you are on the bike and you don"t need the vest anymore you can slip out of the vest and easily pack it into your jersey's back pocket and not even notice it's there. These vests are cut and designed to fit evenly over your jersey and follow the contours of your body. Wearing a Castelli vest you're aerodynamic and ready to face the elements at speed.