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The Longevity Of Sidi Cycling Shoes

We Sell Many Sidi Shoes.  However exponentially we sell Tons of Sidi Shoe Parts.

Sidi Cycling shoes are known for their top of line materials and construction for their cycling specific shoes.

We would love to sell all our customers a new pair of Sidi shoes.  However we do advise that simply replacing many of the specific shoe parts is an easy way to keep the shoes you have rolling for many more miles.

Sidi shoes may seem expensive-- however mile for mile over the duration you ride them -- they still be the lowest priced shoes you can purchase.   Plus the comfort factor over those miles is top of class.

Before you buy a new pair.  Check out the full line of replacement parts at the following link:

If there is a part we do not have contact us on the website scetion of our site and we will see if we can find the apret you want.

Or check out the Current shoe lines availble here:


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