ASSOS made the SS.suisseOlympiaKos_s7 for the Swiss Cycling Federation whose riders required a light jersey that can handle the demands of a working body in warm and cool weather. Made with the brand new Type 151 fabric, the SS.Suisse has less volume combined with a fabric that regulates your body temperature. Multiple textiles are joined into one cycling jersey so your perspiration is quickly absorbed and then evaporated in the heat. In the SS.suisse, your body stays dry and cool in warm weather so you can focus on performing at your best. The same fabric also has the capacity to hold in the warmth of your body as you get exposed to that cool morning temperature. Ideally fitting the cyclist with a larger body, The CAMPIONISSIMO AEPD is a brand new ASSOS pattern design. The AEPD design makes a cycling jersey that fits to perfection along with just enough relaxation to have excellent comfort on those long rides. Besides being cut to fit perfectly while in the riding position, aero-dynamics is also designed into the full front zipper which is hidden so there is no extra wind drag. While the zipper is hidden, it is still easy to unzip in the middle of your ride as your body heats up and you need a little extra fresh air.


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