In the Ale Plus Cerro Bib Short, the multi panels made of compressive fabrics provide the ideal combination to keep the cyclist comfortable during intense training sessions. The shorts are close-fitting and breathable so the cyclist stays dry. Even keeping the bibs dry was planned by constructing large holes in the bibs to keep them dry and comfortable against the skin. Fit is maintained at the legs with double layered 55 mm leg gripper that keeps the shorts in place without pinching. The inside is made of carbon fiber and the outside is micro-perforated. The result is a leg gripper that wicks sweat and feels smooth against the skin. The chamois pad is ideal for medium to long rides. Multi-density padding provides thick padding in the perineal and ischiatic areas that are the areas that receive most seat pressure. This padding thins down gradually so the cyclist has the protection where needed and any excess bulk is eliminated. Riding low in the handlebars feels great in the chamois that protects without getting in the way. The padding is breathable keeping the cyclist dry, fresh and cool.


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