The Ale Triathlon Cipro Women's Skinsuit has a back zipper that opens easily from the bottom toward the neck with a long drawstring. The skinsuit is designed for the female body while on the bike. Perfecting the fit is Ale’s Lycra that covers every inch of the body in a thin, lightweight fabric that protects but does not weigh down. The Lycra dries quickly which helps keep the triathlete dry and comfortable. When the triathlete is in the swim stage, she will not be weighed down by her skinsuit thanks to the Teflon treatment which prevents water from seeping into the fabric. The skinsuit stays in place at the legs thanks to a wide 50 mm leg gripper that has silicone woven throughout the elastic. This construction does its job while keeping the point of contact exceptionally comfortable against the skin. Mesh is woven into areas of the skinsuit that cover areas of the body most prone to overheating. The mesh is breathable and it cools an athletic body. The chamois pad is thickest at the front of the padding which is the area that receives the most pressure while a woman is in the time trial position. The padding is thin at the sides so the female triathlete can finish her final stage of a run without having the skinsuit’s chamois pad rub the inside of her leg. The Cipro is a great addition to a female triathlete’s triathlon apparel.

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