The Assos Short Sleeve GCN Pro Team was designed in coordination with the riders of the Swiss Cycling Federation whose focus was on how to race faster. The front panel is created with miniCheck, a superfast drying fabric that is lightweight and gives the Pro Team jersey its second-skin feel. Raw cut sleeves add to the aerodynamic construction of this ASSOS race jersey. The porous structure ensures plenty of ventilation to keep you cool when it gets hot as you are riding all out in a competitive peloton. At the rear, the Stabilizator S7 Knit keeps the rear pockets in place when filled with items. It also wicks sweat in an area of the body that perspires a lot. UPF30 sun protection is added along with OdorControl to prevent bad odors. The V neck has a lower cut so as to increase the amount of cool air when riding in warm weather. When even more cooling air is needed, easily unzip the full-length zipper for as much air as you want.


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