The Astute Ms. Line VT Nylon/Titanium is designed for a woman cyclist who likes her long rides. The main feature that differentiates the Ms. Line from the Ms. Lite is the titanium rail. Titanium is a low density/high strength element that absorbs road vibrations. These features create a seat that is highly durable and super comfortable. Other features create a cycling seat that ensures comfort on endurance rides of 100+ miles. The 15% carbon-fiber reinforced nylon shell reduces pressure on the perineum, the most sensitive seat area. The Cover Design System technology has an innovative rubber system designed to cover the shell and further minimize vibrations. The 147 mm x 250 mm dimension is woman’s specific so a female cyclist has the right protection in the right places. The Asymmetric Rear Design System has a unique soft-touch bow to provide another feature that adds to the stylish comfort of this woman’s road seat. The VT has a central cut-out to eliminate pressure peaks in the pelvic area and the tension arc distributes body weight reducing the chance of saddle sores against the seat. The two-density Progressive Memory Foam padding is in two different seating areas—firmer in the back to support the seat bones and softer in the front. By using the right combination of material, padding, and woman’s specific dimensions the designed creates Ms. Line, a long distance road seat for the female cyclist.

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