The Astute Skylite 1-Prof VT Nylon/Carbon was the first high-tech smart saddle on the market. The flat seat was designed for comfort on long road races and long training rides. Road vibration is absorbed by two pads, a carbon rail and Memory Foams padding. The two pads between the carbon rail and the shells ease vibrations by 20%. The inner shell made of 15% carbon-fiber reinforced nylon and the outer shell made of nylon with Soft Shell finish come in a U shape. The shape increases the padding space while maintaining a low volume. The design reduces pressure in the perineal area to enhance comfort. The cut-out center eliminates pressure peaks in the pelvic area. Body weight is evenly distributed by a tension arc. This redistribution of body weight helps to ensure a cyclist seat isn’t chafed by the saddle. The Memory Foam is thicker on the sit bones while softer on the front. The varying padding ensures a cyclist is comfortable on long rides and races without having too much padding in the way as the intensity increases. The full carbon rail is solid while still very lightweight. If you want to maximize the absorption of road vibration but don’t mind a little extra weight, try the Skyline series.


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